I let my young kids swear ALOT

I have 3 daughters under the age of 10 and I have always openly sworn around them and encouraged them to cuss as much as they want at home, as long as they are just keeping it "conversational" and not swearing AT each other. I also teach them that swearing may be inappropriate in certain situations outside our home. But at home, pretty much anything goes (except racist terms, which are never allowed)
I actually think a little child swearing is very very cute!

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  • F****** love it. I have 2 ages 11 and 7 both have dirty mouths.

  • Good for you!! ENCOURAGE THEM to swear as much as they want!!

  • My kids are the opposite. Quiet and polite and neatly dressed. If not then they get the paddle and they know it. When visitors come to our house they stand, switch off the TV (or whatever) and smile and greet the person.

    When we visit other people, my kids smile and shake hands and stand until they are released to go play.

    When they are called for dinner they arrive promptly and wash their hands and bow their heads for prayer. If they arrive late with no reasonable excuse then they stand quietly and watch the rest of us eat.

  • So...you are raising boring robots and it sounds like you are abusing them.

  • Not boring. Obedient. Good behaviour is not robotic. It does require self control and of course that is hard for kids. they get plenty oftime to run free and be creative. To climb trees or color in. Play with leggo or blocks. When we visit some friends with a farm they have shot a gun and ridden motor bikes and the list goes on.

  • Raising arrogant, rude, disrespectful kids...Hope they're grateful when you're visiting them in jail because they told off a judge or cop. Also shows your own lack of education and class. Every town or area has it's wrong side of the tracks people, and you're clearly it. Nobody will respect, or, even like, your kids because of your bad parenting. My guess is, they also say things like "ascared", and "like" all the time?

  • I mean, you could do worse things as a parent, but this is pretty pathetic parenting. My daughter has said cuss words, and I simply explained to her that if she ever said that at school she would get in big trouble. I asked her not to use the words, but I didn't punish her in any way. That would probably be a better approach.

    End of the day - your kids are eventually going to swear/cuss. This is a reality. BUT, by not letting them do it as small children you are teaching them respect for yourself and others. If you don't wish to teach them this most basic respect then plan on a bumpy road through the teen years.

  • You certainly are a stupid irresponsible b**** for doing that. You can get fired or kicked out of school or ostracised for cussing too much.

  • Yes beer, cigarettes, swearing. Also let them go out with their shirts untucked and hair uncombed.

  • Truthfully, no one cares about you or your kids or your fake post.

  • I am the OP, and no it isn't fake!

  • You could give the cigarettes as well

  • Wow! Why get stupid in your comments?

  • Beer, don't forget the beer. Kids need that along with their cigs.

  • Fake troll

  • Ummm...no, not at all!

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