My wife has trained me to c** super quick she loves teasing me and makes me c** most of the time before penetration or after a few thrusts as I was always asking for s** like most men so she trained me like this so we can have s** within 45 seconds teasing me for 4 mins, it's amazing having No s** for a long time 3 months and then her teasing me and it being over in 45 seconds and especially when she laughs after it.

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  • My wife can't be bothered having s** with me any more after 16yrs married so it's come down to her wanking me off in her knickers that's it sometimes I finger her rarely tho

  • Loser

  • That what she calls me after.

  • You need to pin her down and f*** her hard and properly until she screams !!

  • I tried this, I blew my load before she even got going, she then used her d**** as I couldn't get it up again for a while

  • My wife does this to me too! She had masks made of her friends I find hot so I can imagine I'm f****** them. She lets me get inside, puts on a mask and then it's all over within a minute or two. She thinks it's hilarious. She had a mask made of her mom, I just came there and then. Now she teases me every time we see her parents.

  • Sounds like you both have a great s** life with each other. Keep it up!

  • She somehow made one of my secretary, her sister, and her friends. She though it was hilarious to do one of her friend's 16yr old daughter. It's wrong but I came so hard and for so long. Thankfully that is legal age in U.K. but I feel bad. She doesn't seem to care.

  • Why don't wives like s**? Why do men feel they are bugging for s**? It shouldn't be life that.

  • Some women get bored with it because they don't get a chance to o*****. I rarely have had a partner who cared whether I came or not.

  • I got sick of her reluctantly giving into s**. I tried nice and romantic. Nothing made her intersted. It was dull. So I've started just taking her when I feel like it. Having her fight agaist me at least shows she is alive.

  • As long as she is into it as well, that is fine. If not, it is rape.

  • Hey man, I'm the opposite. My wife totally rules the roost. For me I am not allowed to m********* ever and only allowed to o***** about once a month. We practice with me thrusting gently inside her and bringing her to o***** without me c******.

  • Wtf once a month are you f****** kidding me

  • Nope. That's why I come to places like this. A distraction. Somtimes to boast. Somtimes to sulk.

  • Sry to hear if thats really what she expects im sry but cheating is justified thats unhealthy

  • Most of the time I am totally thinking of her all day long. Then I clean the house and make sure she is relaxed. Then sometimes that leads to s**.

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