Going to be an awkward drive

Last night we had a Halloween party at our house, My kids were at my parents but some of our friends brought their kids, By 10:30 most of the people with kids had gone home and by 11:00 my friend Jess sent her kids home with her husband, me and her continued to drink while my husband disappeared, I didn't notice until almost 12:30, We went to look for him and he was in the garage working on his Harley, We both walked in and me and her were pretty drunk and started sort of teasing him a bit by flashing cleavage and just generally fooling around grabbing each others b**** and bums.
My husband has a bunch of old bikes he fixes up but his pride and joy is his big Harley which I think he loves more than me and has put more time and money into than anything else, Jess walked over to it and I right away intercepted her and told her it was better to not touch it, We both laughed and she looked at my husband and asked if she could sit on it, He stood and looked at her for a minute and said "Sorry, I would but its a topless bike", She looked at him confused and said "A what?", He said "A topless bike, You can only sit on it if you are topless".
We both laughed and she said "You do it i'll do it" looking at me, I laughed and said "Whatever, I don't care, He sees my b**** everyday", I whipped off my shirt and bra and sat on the bike, Jess looked at me, looked at my husband then back at me, I said "your move", I know jess has not been happy with her body since her last kid and her b**** most of all, I could tell she was nervous but the booze must have over ruled her inhibitions, She turned her back to my husband, Peeled her shirt and bra off and I slid to the back of the seat, Jess managed to get on the bike while never taking her hands off her b****.
We were laughing and joking and I put my hands on jess's hips, Slid them up her side and under her hands cupping her b****, I had until that point never seen her b**** let alone touched them, I knew right away why she is not happy with them, they are small and felt empty, Jess took her hands and put them on the handle bars pretending to drive, my husband came up and was standing beside the bike, Me and Jess were still messing around teasing him and she leaned her head back, I leaned forward and kissed her.
I slid my hands down to her stomach and she acted like she didn't even notice, She sat back up and pretended to drive some more, I had my hands around her like I would if we were riding, I said to my husband "You ride b****" and I hopped off the bike, My husband didn't even hesitate and hopped on behind Jess, He put his hands on her hips and I grabbed his wrists, Pulled his hands up and put them on her b****, I said "here, if she is going to ride topless you have to stop these from bouncing", She looked down and laughed saying "Not much bounce left in those" and didn't even seem to think about the fact that it was my husband holding her b****, My husband was looking over her shoulder and messing with her nipples and she scrunched her shoulders together and said "Mmmm, Don't do that or I'm gonna have to go home and wake my husband up", I laughed and without even thinking I JOKINGLY said "Or you could just stay here", Everyone stopped and stared at me and it took me a minute to realize how what I said was being interpreted.
With my husband still holding her b****, Jess and my husband stared at me, Before I could correct myself Jess said "Um...wow...um...really?...ok", I instantly realized what was happening and that I had just propositioned my friend to have a three way with me and my husband, I said "Ahhh s***" and Jess stood up, and stood in front of me, Put her hands on my hips and said "For real?".
My husband looked surprised, Shocked and totally had a deer in the headlights look as he looked at me, I could feel Jess's hands shaking a bit and I looked at her and said "Oh boy...Um...I've never", She interrupted and said "me neither", I panicked and said "Oh s***, Maybe not", I shook my head and said "Oh god, I can't believe I just said that", I looked at her and she said "yeah, No, totally...I mean...If you want to...or not, Whatever", I covered my face with my hands and shook my head then looked at her, Took a deep breath, Let it out and said "Um...maybe we shouldn't", Jess said "yeah for sure, I was just joking anyway, that would be crazy", Jess got dressed and left saying "See you tomorrow?', I said "Yeah for sure".
After Jess left my husband was staring at me and I tried to explain what had happened but now I think he thinks I want a threesome but I can deal with that at a later date.
Me and Jess have a two hour drive this afternoon to pick up some stuff from her moms house that I agreed to help her with and I have no idea what to say to her after propositioning her then backing out even if it was not how it sounded.


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  • Your story made me hard. Drunk women turn me on a lot ! I'd love to get you drunk and pound you till you couldn't c** anymore!

  • I confused..why you all not s** together?

  • 2 hour drive? Sadly, not enough time for you to learn how to write quality erotica. But your writing is good at being nauseating, so just read them some and the puke-filked car will be more than ample entertainment for the whole family!

  • Take the 2hr drive topless

  • Probably for the better it didn't happen since you're not totally sure about it, but you embarrassed yourself and her. I don't think you meant badly at all, but the ball is in your court to set this right. And it can be set right. Try being a little humble. Explain you got carried away, and why. Apologize for putting her in an awkward spot. And just ask her if you two can just put it in the past and by the same ol' friends you've always been.

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