Homeschooling has made me dislike my kid

I used to like my child. Used to think the teachers were being h****** him. Now I see. I love him. I don't much like him.

It's a struggle everyday and has genuinely made me hate my life.

Please if you're thinking of homeschooling - it can be great and rewarding for all involved - look at your kid.

If they're the curious type, the kind that voluntarily picks up a book or is constantly googling info, or is an independent learner, an autodidact, a kid who is inspired by tv or video games, comics etc or just a kid who constantly demonstrates enthusiasm for knowledge and the world then by all means do so. But if your kid is someone who would happily sit on their f****** phone all day, play video games to zombie level zoning out, lie to your face about completing tasks, stay in bed, bum out, leave the place in a mess, have zero enthusiasm for filling their mind but no problem filling their stomachs and just lard about: DO NOT homeschool.

Don't make my mistake thinking school wasn't challenging them. That they will magically become independent learners. Totally my bad. They won't, no matter how many times you change and accommodate, get them connections or try to make things fun. I'm tired of f****** talking, yelling, arguing, discussing, threatening, incentivising, inspiring talks. Some kids are natural learners, some are not and should probably be in school. Just like everything in life, you don't find out until you're in it so it's back to the drawing board.

Nov 2, 2016

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  • Good friend of mine had to home school her daughter for the end of the school year, due to the girl's erratic behavior that nearly got her expelled. While my friend valued the one on one time with her daughter, and, probe what the real problems were, she also told me how hard it was, and, she really found out how her daughter learned, or, didn't learn, in school. Developed bit of empathy for her teachers.

  • Well send the kid to school

  • The best thing about homeschooling is you can be on a power trip.

  • Just make your kid get a ged

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