Men hate Women

An interesting dynamic happens on this site. Men confess, and are met with support and 'F*** her, bro. You're too good for her', 'I hear ya, bro' and a wave of outwardly love, caressing and ego stroking.

Women confess, and are met with 'you're a b****', 'F*** you,' 'die b****/s***/w****' or in most cases, silence.

Either most men generally hate women (philosophically, men who harbour homosexual tendencies but would never admit to it for some reason are the epitome of men who hate women or deem women unworthy, and beneath men. Look it up.)

These Men who bash women are likely to be men who have 'mommy' issues or were abused.

Or these men who enjoy verbally bashing women are just simply b**** made!

Not groundbreaking. An observation.

Nov 3, 2016

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  • You have to consider the audience, most of the people on here are incels with no lives and PMSing teenage girls.

  • Women do the same s*** not groundbreaking either......

  • I love the women that come here and confess. They are f****** awesome!

  • Many women come here to vent their struggles in search of support. Many men come here to say things that society won't let them say. The resulting dynamic is no surprise to anyone. Lots of men harbor anger for the women in their lives that they release here. In order to chase down the trolls and punish them you would have to ruin the illusion of anonymity associated with the posts, which would ruin the site, or turn it into Facebook 2.0. I think you're just going to have to deal with the misogynists to get the occasional gem. Like diamonds in s***!

  • Wow you lot totally missed the point of this post. They clearly meant the responses/comments from male confessions are more supportive than the responses/comments on the confessions from women.

    It clearly isn't saying men who confess about women are... It's saying Men are NOT respectful or supportive of confessions that come from women.

    Judging by the responses, they are right!!

    A woman can't even vent without men making it about them. Wow.

  • What if the complaint is real? I would also sympathize with a woman if she was in a relationship with a bad man. Men who complain about the women in their life have legitimate gripes as do women who complain about men.

    My wife once raised h*** at men because she said I had taken her away from the man she really loved. Then after Saint Valentine,s day she had the gall to complain that I had given her no card or candy.

    The marriage ended in divorce for obvious reasons.

  • I feel ya bro.

  • You f****** cuuuuuunnnnt!

  • Don't recall seeing 'die'.

    I come hear out of linliness or frustration. I married a girl and we were in love. Somewhere along the way she went cold on my. Withdrew affection. I've probably over analaysed myself trying to work out what behaviours and manerisms I have that put her off. I've been to counsellors and talked to mates and mutual friends both male and female. I've tried to change things. Taken deep breaths and suck it up rather than argue with her or point out things she does that I find frustrating. I've tried to cook and clean and absorb her criticism when whatever I do is not enough or good enough. I've played around with changing my clothing style and my hair style and even coloured it a couple of times just to see if looks are the issue. Can't bring myself to grow a mustache tough.

    It seems nothing can change things. So on my part a feeling of both helplessness and also one of being conned if you like. Invested so much but now stuck. Cornered. Not feeling like I maybe should feel in a marraige but also not feeling free to go and meet and do and play and have fun. It's always tense. Always watching I don't do or say something to upset her.

    And that's why I come here. So if me blowing off steam makes me sound like a woman hater then so be it. Hopefully if we met in other circumstances, you'd think differetly of me.

  • Divorce time!! Remove that noose of a marriage, from around you neck, before you end up dead!! No relationship, should be that hard!!

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