I miss Paula

20 years ago I responded to an add for a room for rent, It was a shared living arrangement and when I knocked on the door an attractive brunette woman answered the door, I was 20 and she was 43 but right away I noticed how pretty she was, We sat and talked for about half an hour and a week later I moved into the spare bedroom, She had recently gotten divorced from her husband who was banging everything that moved while working out of town apparently.
Within a couple months we were actually quite comfortable around each other and I definitely took notice that she didn't always wear a bra if we were sitting watching tv in the evening together and sometimes not even in the morning on a weekend when I was around, I wasn't a big partier but did on occasion go out, I never once in the 4 years we lived together brought a girl home and usually snuck out on them and was home in bed before she woke up anyway so she didn't think I ever got any.
three months in I snuck in to the house around midnight and quietly snuck to my room, As I got to the living room I could hear buzzing and immediately knew what it was, I quietly went to the kitchen and snuck a bottle of water out of the fridge and as I entered the hallway I heard a bit of moaning and her room went quiet, I started to sneak down the hallway and just as I got to her door it opened and she was standing there in just a housecoat with a d**** in her hand, Probably going across the hall to the bathroom to wash it off, She screamed and slammed the door and I went to bed, I wont lie, I laid there and thought about her for a long time before passing out.
The next morning was super awkward, Probably mostly me but eventually she asked "Were you standing outside my door", I told her I was just heading to my room and I remember her being super embarrassed and trying to explain it, I told her it was fine and she didn't need to feel embarrassed, Really at that point I just didn't want her to kick me out, Somewhere toward the end of the conversation after she started to calm down and relax a bit I said something about not wanting her to feel weird around me and then I remember saying "If you need, my door is always open", I remember regretting it almost immediately and apologized.
It was almost two months later and I was laying in bed reading a book and my door was open, Paula walked in wearing her housecoat, Turned off the light, Dropped her housecoat and crawled into my bed, I went to say something and I remember her saying "Shut up, Don't say a word", She rocked my world like no girl ever had before, She was so h**** and by the time we were done she had completely changed my idea of what great s** was, I thought I'd had great s** before but as I rolled over, Sweating, Breathing heavy and with my b**** aching I realized I had NOT.
From that night on we probably should have kept the blinds closed at all times because she was like an animal, That night I told her she was amazing and beautiful and that she had the best body of any girl I had ever seen which at the time was the truth, She was a short woman with a slender build but had big bouncy b****, She did yoga and was quite flexible which came in handy and she introduced me to some things I had never experienced before and a few I have never had the pleasure of since.
She would come home from work or wherever and if I was home before her I always showered quick and it didn't matter where I was, On the couch, in my room or walking down the hallway she would attack me, Half the time the front door wasn't even closed and she was half way across the room leaving a trail of clothes behind her, We had s** in every inch of her house I'm sure and she could and would do things I couldn't get the dirtiest girl since her to do, She was the first for many, many things and the only for a few others, we seldom made it through a half hour show let alone a movie, She would either lay back and look at me with her beautiful "F*** me eyes" or lean over and fish out my c*** swallowing it all, She did everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, it was like something was unleashed in her and she couldn't control it, We had s** two, three, four and sometimes five times a week, There were days I thought I couldn't get it up after having s** two or the odd time three times the night before but she had a way of getting me up every time.
Any time I would ask her to try something she would ask if I had ever done it before and I learned quickly that if I said no it seemed like it made her more h**** and no matter what it was she was more than willing to try it, I am no slouch in the size department and although she admitted to being nervous about one or two things, after a few tries she could do it all, I became her boy toy and I loved it but honestly I did things for her that her husband never would even consider according to her, To this day she is the only woman who ever got off from almost everything, Intercourse, nipple play, Fingering, A***, having her bum hole licked or rubbed and I could spend hours just worshipping her body, Just massaging or licking her bum, her beautiful b**** or her perfect p****, I could just lay between her legs licking whatever I wanted and she loved it.
Sadly I had to leave to take a promotion at work but lately I have been thinking about her and the s** we had, I still have never had anyone rock my world like she did.

Nov 5, 2016

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  • Why didn't you marry her???????

  • My Girlfriend doesn't like to wear a Bra...But I (Male) always wear my Bras and Matching Panties.

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