Temper temper

Well i f***** that.

Son was angry. i asked if he was ok. he let go with all his frustration. Most of it indicating my failures. House not big enough. Not bought a new car yet. the list went on and on.

I asked him to stop as I could not keep suckling it up.

He kept going and going.

Again I said please just pause for a minute.

He kept going.

I shouted shut up.

He kep going. criticism after criticism. Failing after failure.

I shouted shut the f*** up.

He shouted. I shouted. He stomped off shouting at me. I followed. He slammed and locked his door.

I kicked it in and told him to f*** off.

Well I can add funcking hopless listener along with out of control temper to my list of failings. And s*** dad too.

F*** life.

Nov 6, 2016

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  • The only thing bad about you i see here, is that he was raised to think that was ok.

  • You are not a bad father. It sounds like your son is disrespectful and expects the world to be handed to him on a silver platter. You had amazing patience I think, until he pushed you too far.

  • Give him some time to cool off. Then talk to him. No one is perfect. You do what you can for your children. Own your part and continue to work on yourself and your relationship with son. Maybe you can't give him things, but you can give him time.

  • What funking?

  • Add can't spell to my list of failings. :)

  • There's probably nothing wrong with the quality of life you gave him. Most people get p***** at material problems because they can't do anything about their real problems. Don't take it personally. He's also working on confronting people. When teens leave the inherent trust of childhood behind and start asserting themselves, they usually over-do it. Take it as a complement. At least he trusts your relationship enough to tell you how he really feels and trust that you'll still be there for him tomorrow.

  • Thats an interesting take on it. Probably true. Thanks.

  • Yes. I'm young. Very young. I get very angry at my dad....he cant gimme what I want. I want a ps4 but I have old ps3. There are more things I want or you can say I need but he couldn't provide it. Still I'm proud of my dad for supporting me. He work so hard so I can live happily. I'm happy that he live with me......what if he didn't? life without a father? I wouldn't have motivation to do good in school maybe smoking weed in street without him. I feel bad...idk you but I bet you work hard to make him happy. Keep doing it, sir and talk to him calmly...He will come to his senses.

  • You are a smart kid and very insightful. You are also lucky to have a father that cares. Both my kids had crappy fathers. I ended up raising them alone for the most part. Their fathers just took off and ruined their lives with alcohol and drugs.

  • Thanks mate. Lets hope. My dad was gone before I was a teen so I guess it's a new thing for me.

  • Show him some pics of India, and how they live. Anyone living in the US is lucky. He's a teen huh! They always take it out on the safe person. Blessings that this passes soon and you both find Peace

  • "Anyone born in the US is lucky!" I don't think every American would agree with, this presumptuous opinion!!

  • That's for d@mn sure.

  • Thanks. Your words are greatly apprecited.

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