Parental responsibilities are overwhelming

Since the very first day of becoming a parent, I've felt the weight of the world on my shoulders. It's too much.

It's odd things like caring about neighbour noise to point of exhaustion because it might disturb my child (I'd just pop in ear buds and get on with it if I were by myself.)

Worrying about crime in my neighbourhood a little too much than I would if I were by myself.

Feeling vulnerable healthwise. I.e. what if something were to happen to me, what would happen to my child?

Worrying about finances. This is a big one as I was a carefree person, who lived a minimalist lifestyle, didn't need 'stuff' and was just happy.

Having to prepare full meals EVERYDAY when I'd rather just snack sometimes.

Having to interact with people for the sake of my child. I loved my anonymity. I value privacy. I've lost all that.

Wanting to not talk to a soul all weekend but having to because you're more than aware of your child's feelings.

I'm so tired and drained. Just so drained.

Nov 6, 2016

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  • Poor little thing. Humans have been having babies since before recorded time and you're JUST NOW discovering the reality of it?

    Oh, and I'm sure no one in the history of the world, past or present, could ever be as "tired" as you. Sob sob.

    You're venting. I'm venting. Here's another chance to accept reality that you might not personally like.

  • Worry not. Just be there through their life to hug them cheer for them. Wipe away the tears and drive them b***** everywhere. :) and laugh about it. They grow up so fast and you wish for those years to come back.

  • Oh wow, I totally can relate to some of your fears. I pray a lot. Ironically, the parents I see who don't seem to care and just party, seem to go along just fine. It is beyond tiring, and expensive. My child is my best friend though, and couldn't imagine life without him. Hoping you get some alone time once in awhile

  • Put the kid in the pram. Walk down the road. Buy a coffee. Continue onto the park and let the kid play in the dirt.

    Relax & see

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