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Why don't you want to better yourself?

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  • Nah, I'm too lazy to.

  • Because, I have already

  • I do and I am!

  • I'm waiting for you to better yourself first.

  • Because being better is easy but being bad is hard!

  • Nah. Disagree. Being bad is a rush.

  • I've lived a life of mediocrity and under achievement.
    I drive a second hand car.
    I have a university degree that I just scraped through.
    I earn enough money to live sort of ok.
    my wife runs my social life.
    My kids are ok but none are winners or loosers.
    I'm slightly over weight but pretty ordinary.
    my hair is grey and I need a haircut.
    I played various sports through my life. Hardly ever won a game.
    Never won a season.
    Never received an award at school.
    As a teen I used to wet the bed because I was too lazy to get up.
    My mother made me wear a nappy and I just did.
    These days, every work day, I do the same routine:
    In the morning I get up, buy a macdonalds coffe and sit in traffic.
    In the afternoon I come home.
    Watch TV.
    Then the next day I do it all again.

  • ^^^^ well, you don't have cancer, you're not in jail, you're not homeless; I consider you a Success!

  • But I do zip to better myself. I just cruise.

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