Election bet

So to make light of this election my wife and I have made a bet. She doesn't want trump to win and I don't want Hillary to win. So I asked if she wanted to make things interesting with a bet.

If trump wins, she has to have s** with a smoking hot lesbian friend of hers and I get to watch. If Hillary wins, I have to have s** with a gay friend of hers and she gets to watch.

Here is the deal. I've asked her in the past if she has ever had s** with a woman. She told me that all she's ever done is make out with deb, the friend in the bet. I asked why nothing else. She said that just never was the right time. She doesn't know that I've had s** with men before because I never did bring it up. Her gay friend has been at the house a couple times and has flat out said with both of us present, that he wants to suck my d***. My wife teases me about it often and I play it off.

I'll update after this post's. Loser has to perform friday night.

Nov 8, 2016

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  • I am a female why do whatever I can to support Donald Trump and help him get re-elected Almost anything

    my s k y pe is annie price 123

  • Hurray for Trume winning!

  • *Trump

  • Screenshots or it never happened

  • So that morning we looked at the news to see that trump had won. I asked her if she was going to live up to the bet. She said, "Yeah, a deal is a deal. She's been wanting to get with me for years." So she texted her friend and told her about the bet. Her friend wondered if she was only wanting to sleep with her because of the bet. My wife said, "I wouldn't be texting you about it if that was the only reason." That made her friend happy. The wife told her I wanted to be there. She said, "Uh...be there?" She said, "Not participate." They ended up having s** twice. One that Friday day while I was at work. I had to find out about that a few days later. And the second time was later that night. I walked in the door and they were both naked in bed waiting on me to get home.

  • They are both whores. No biggie.

  • ...?

  • Update please

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