Story from long years ago

I'm seventy and here's a story from my long-vanished youth.

I lived on a farm with my grandparents and on the hill near where we lived there was a black man. He worked at General Motors with my Grandfather and they were friends.

This was in 1954 and in those days $100.00 bills were a rare thing for working class people to have much less see. One day after being paid his salary the black man cashed his paycheck and included in his cash was a $100.00 bill.

Apparently, he was showing it around when his brother in law entered his house one day after work and demanded the money. He refused and there was a very one-sided struggle. His brother in law had a .22 cal automatic rifle.

Despite the presence of the rifle the black man refused to give him the money. His brother in law shot him until the weapon was empty. He shot him in his upper torso and the black man tried to protect himself by putting his hands up and the bullets went through his hands.

He of course, died as the brother in law stuck the gun point blank to his back and fired into him.

During the struggle, the black man,s wife had gotten to a neighbors phone and called the police and the brother in law was arrested.

My grandfather was on the jury and he was convicted of premeditated murder and sentenced to the electric chair.

He was executed a year later.

The moral of this story is don't flash your money around.

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  • Really, your grandfather was both a witness and a juror? That kinda isn't possible so makes me wonder of your story is just that, a "story"

  • Right, keep low profile and live life without worries.

  • The moral of the story is don't shoot people.

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