I watch all these cases on television based on real events and I sometimes cry because I can't stand how cruel this world is. How evil people have become. So much negativity. I just watched a sad story of a brother and sister. Both were harassed by their cousin brother because he was rich and they weren't. After so much humiliation, the brother took wrong decisions for making money to prove his cousin. He took loans and began to gamble and ended up losing all of his money. One of the persons he took loans from was dangerous. All that mattered to him was money and s**. One day, the brother went up to that man to tell him that he has no money to pay off for the loans, but the man ended up beating him up. Somehow the sister followed the brother while he was getting beaten up by that man. One of the man's worker caught the sister and raped her in front of the brother while brother was screaming and begging to not do it. After raping her, the man tells the brother to rape her in front of him. He begged the man to not make him do it then he threatens both siblings to kill one of them. Since they both cared so much about each other, the brother took the step to rape his own sister, but before he raped her, he apologized while crying. They both were crying and terrified by their situations. The girl ended up becoming pregnant since the man was raping her constantly, and aborted the child. One day while sister was with the man who was going to rape her again, the brother stopped him. Fight happened and the sister ended up hitting the man back of his head and died at the spot. After murdering, the next day, she ended up committing suicide. Something the brother never expected. He was depressed and told the cops the whole story.

My heart literally broke. I can't continue. I just can't.....


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  • Bawww, boohoo, etc. etc.

    Seriously, watching TV was your first clue that this world has some seriously ugly parts to it? You are a sheltered hothouse flower. What's more, you're sitting here on a site that caters to degenerates, crying loudly and hoping we'll all coo at you and soothe your tender little soul.

    Wrong answer, b.itch.

    It is possible to be kind and vulnerable in this world, but it has to be kept under a certain amount of armor. Now that you're not quite so naive, quit your infantile whining and start developing a few protective layers.

    You do not get points or sympathy for making it to adulthood (or at least adolescence) without knowing firsthand how negative life can be. Quite the opposite.

    That's even IF your tale of woe is genuine. For all we know you're some bored little teenage girl looking to kick up drama, which they need more than oxygen. Either way, you're an idiot! Thank YOU!

  • Btw.....OP. I am not bashing you at all. I am just letting you know about the realities of life in this world and the humans who reside in it.
    Only thing.....I will say this. You remind me of the soft hearted people who live in this world. You make me think this.......if we were invaded by a foreign enemy nation,mthat you would be amongst the group that would allow this invasion to occur. You would not want us to try to fight the invaders and that in order to keep the peace that you would tell the invaders of any plans to thrawt them.

  • Because a person has strong sense of morality and empathy, for the vulnerable, nature, disadvantaged people and animals in this world, doesn't mean they're weak and wouldn't be decisive and willing to fight in a world war or apocalypse. It individuals like you, that under one those that are kind hearted and so forth. It's those type of people, that are sometimes the ones who'd surprise you the most! Don't be an ignorant ass!

  • You think the story you posted is unique...it's not.
    In Florida a group of teens broke into a home and raped a young mother.
    They made the mother give oral to her son and made the son have s** with his mother under threat of being killed.
    In Wisconsin, robbers made both a father and son give oral to each other in order not to be shot, but shot them both anyway.
    These incidents are more common than you realize.......women cutting babies out of the wombs of other females, brothers killing their own family for wealth. Women killing siblings and lovers out of jealousy, etc.
    we live in a cruel world, a cruel society and well......it's a reality

  • I've seen the worst. Okay?! Relax!

  • Have you really?! Because I don't think a person whose seen the worst of humanity, would be on a website like this!

  • Keep your negativity to yourself please. Thank you!

  • Hey, delicate b.itch. You're going to get negativity here-- it's a confession site, aka a dumping ground. Even places on the internet that weren't intended for dumping can be horrible places. Keep your self-righteous hole shut!

  • So you don't like hearing the truth?
    It is true, the shows you are watching are incidents that have happened within the last 10 to 15 years. These are actual incidents that have occurred here in the United States. There are millions of evil people here in this country and some of them walk right past you and you never know how twisted or evil they are.

  • I'm not talking about U.S or other countries. I'm talking about human beings are have gone wild.

  • The worst of human beings have always been wild. It's only now since the boom of modern technology and so forth, enables people to hear and see the worst of what some people do to people and animals.

  • Theres an army of people who do good and dont get any attention just remember its most likely like a yin yang

  • My mom f***** my dads boss. No one thinks I know but I heard them talking about it when I was a kid

  • My mother was physically abused from the ages of 11 - 23 years old, by her stepfather. He raped her when she was 16. My grandmother knew about it and did nothing.

    I found out about it, when I was 9 years old.
    I'm now 32 and haven't seen my grandmother for 15 years by choice. I didn't want an evil c*** to contaminate my life.

    My mother was and still is a beautiful person. She showered all her children with love and never abused us. She brought up 4 children unsupported, without family and my father's help. My father was a scoundrel and fathered 7 children with three different women, whilst he was in a relationship with my mother. He died of kidney failure in 2001.

    She studied and worked hard, becoming a Nurse at 21. So she didn't let the abuse she suffered, prevent her from achieving her personal goals and ambitions.

    My mother is my role model and always has been.

    I've witnessed domestic violence and so forth, due to my career. I don't let anything deter me from anything i want to achieve, because nothing and no one is worth it.

  • I love the way the OP stated "how evil people have become" lol. Become? People have always been this evil since the beginning of time. What the h*** is wrong with people? Do they not study history anymore?

  • You're not being helpful at all. So it would be better if you just back off. Thank you!

  • Oh, I'm sorry I hurt your little feelings cupcake. Grow the f*** up s*** for brains.

  • Heed your own words, you degenerate!

  • Once again, shut up. If being glued to your TV was how you first came to realize how much ugliness there is in this world, you've had an exceptionally sheltered life. Welcome to your personal learning curve. Survive or kill yourself. Thank YOU!!

  • Get over it, you whiny, crybaby, spoon-fed little b****!

  • I think you're talking about yourself.

  • Does this comeback ever work for anyone? That or "hurrr you must be looking in a mirror!!" Those just make the person saying them sound like a second grader.

  • You just need to toughen up when you get hard assed and done over a few dozen times in life and experience hate from the world and it will come your way, you will look back and find your tears were for nothing and no one cared. look my advice is your older now, don't cry. you are too old to show emotions and tears are for weak links. don't be a weak link ever, if you need to cry make sure no sees it ever, not a lover, boss or relatives or friend or foe. never cry. be tough and strong about the world. get angry not sad. anger makes you do something sad just makes you mope and hope and guess. anger makes a decision and action. take it from me I was raped and no one has cried for me and I won't let them. I live in angry madness everyday now and will not allow anyone to pity me, least of all me. I even gave up my womanhood and I am more man then woman so life and god didn't give me what I wanted and I cried too much and got left behind. I cried for me and others, and got me no where people hate me. so do yourself a favour now, don't cry. don't let anyone feel sorry for you act JIMBO DOGONE TOUGH BLOKE SHELIA TO THE WORLD like play a character tough, over act it so people think "by god she is weird" that is the only way you get respect. love you will never get cuz most of us don't unless your special.

  • This message just made me laugh. LOL You is one stupid. LOL

  • Lol I second that!

  • Wow, in a bad way! You're unbelievably stupid!

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