Saw my crush in her bra

Ok so I'm in this after school club called A.V (audio and video) and the room across from us is the drama room and the class was going to perform on Friday
I had to go to the bathroom after I was done I went back to the club but there was a girl at the door so I went and ask'ed "Need some help?" She turned around was in a see through shirt and she said "can you open the door?" So I went to the teacher in the A.V club I'll call him Mr.Tommy so I asked him he gave me the door key so when I went I just jumped at her got her hand held them to the top after that I let her go and gave her the keys

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  • But now you have no chance BTW.

  • Boys are so visual. Thats life. Enjoy the memory. My bet is she is kind of over it. I don't think it's sick. It's just the way boys are wired.

  • God, you are such a sick f***!

  • Oh, yeah. Way to go. Giving your crush "the rape move" will really impress her ass off. Perv. You'll be very lucky to finish high school before you have to go to prison for sexual assault.

  • And here we have an overreacting women. In her natural habitat.

  • Woman*

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