Oh how..

Oh how we long to meet..
Circumstances are such, I move forward but you retreat..
Come along with dancing feet..
Just once more can we atleast greet?



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  • I just want to feel safe etc

  • Then just spin a cocoon around yourself and stay safe!

  • Shut up dork

  • I can still feel the heat.
    my cold hands on your warm cheeks.
    Your sorrows I attempted to defeat,
    yet when your inner self I attempted to meet,
    it was you who would retreat.

  • Souls once met, never left
    Then why do bodies still regret?
    Time flies fast..u still didn't get..
    Oh how my heart still cherishes the moment we met!

  • I don't own you yet
    You escaped through a hole in my net
    I only wanted you as my pet
    To caress you and make you so wet

  • Oh I understand you now,
    Thought you were a scared cow,
    Saying adieu I take my bow,
    Because Im much holier than thou!

  • I think you meant to say sacred
    But I'll forgive your mistake
    If you promise to get naked
    And suck the venom from my snake!

  • Alas! It was a mistake!
    But why don't you just take a break?
    Leave me alone for Heaven's sake
    I fair thee well with firm handshake!

  • With that I doff my hat and bow at the waist to you m'lady.

  • Thank You

  • How do you want to meet?

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