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I'm in love with her she's got a boyfriend we will never be together I accepted that I always try to move on but I just cant let go off her as my s*** mate and best friend. Im not looking for a relationship with her.I just dont want to end up ruining her relationship with her boyfriend also dont want to hurt her.We have become so attached to each other and we meet up for atleast two hours every week.

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  • Assuming she entered into a new relationship first, the decision to continue meeting you is hers alone. The question being, is she willing to hurt her boyfriend to see to your happiness or vice versa. When I got married my male friends all got the boot ;*)

  • Yes she did, what puzzles me though is the fact that she goes on about how much she loves him and will never leave him. Yet she tells me she doesn't enjoy s** with him after we've been together.

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