Hope only

I know you love me ,iknow you wait for me but I even know you won't reach out .
I feel something within me is broken badly it's so raw inside that with a little touch I will be into pieces soi shield myself with consolations.Atleast now I know the door is open I can knock any moment of time I scare to be shut and slammed.confidence shakes because if you feel like any moment you can lose out your precious thing you try to cover it so I also try to cover all my insecurities without digging.
It's a continuous turmoil tug of war ..my heart as usual boast but I truly fear because I don't want to lose once again.My insecurities say it's better to watch from far with hope it's close than to lose out being greedy of rushing things.
It pains a lot yet the thought you are there and reachable makes me forget all...
If I could truly make you understand how earnestly I want to surrender ...the mask that I wear to show how strong am I ,I want to take it off with you and show how vulnerable I am inside and how I burn everyday yet fake it outside and smile ...
I don't know how I will recover whether will I ever also I know neither..Too many blows my heart has taken I am a scared soul now...
My pen my relief atleast I could share my heart with you ..I want you to know my vulnerability,my insecurities my fears and why I chain and retreat...
But above everything you are there this hope keeps me going....

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  • Just build up your confidence bit by bit. I have always had low confidence and been made fun of and abused for no reason. some day I am gonna just ask someone to pay all those people back and give them a list of people who hurt and attacked me and belittled me. I will give them my good list and my bad list. and things I did good and bad. see what ones even out and what they need to repent for and does what they did to me equal all the wrong things I did? cuz I know it won't.

  • I don't think a woman would use the word earnestly

  • The worm?

  • You wear a mask because you are faking that you are happy in your present situation. You heart does not belong with her, and you need to be happy. I know that you are scared to take that step but while you are faking it and wearing your mask, you are breaking her heart everyday and you are breaking your own heart. you are a Man so reach out to her, maybe she is scared to say what is truly on her mind because she is scared that you will never talk to her again. Deep inside she knows that you love her, but too many others might be telling you to not reach out to her. You love her, you came on here in hopes that she would read this and she just might be typing you back this message, but i need a clue to know its really you.

  • I'm pretty sure a girl wrote this, not a man.

  • R u asking or seeking permission..whatever ...answer is unanimous I bet u know it better

  • Do you want me to knock?

  • R u shaved trimmed r hairy

  • This reminds me of the man I love and miss. The one who has my heart yet is so far out of reach. I see him in My dreams and there i'll hold him close. XxxS

  • I will love you more and more,
    with each rising day,
    I will always be there for you
    even if we are far away
    these might be just words on a page
    But they mean so very much more
    They are everything that I promise to do
    They are everything for you, I’d endure

    And I know I’m not as strong as before
    And maybe now I’m a little weak
    But my love for you still stands as strong
    Even when this world turns bleak
    You've given me a reason to live and to fight
    So I’ll live and I’ll fight for love
    together, even though we've suffered
    In the end we will pull through

  • Is ur p**** shaved

  • Absolutely Beautiful!!

  • Don't fret my dearest. There's no need to rush. Let's take our time. But remember that I will leave the lid to my mailbox slightly ajar in order to receive any word that you may care to send. Eventually one of us will give in and reach out and at that instant we'll both melt down into puddles and become one.

  • I'll be there for you

  • You have no idea how much I wish this was for me. :'(

    Hurts like h***.

  • If it hurts like h*** its thrush go to dr

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