I think that...

I think that Trump is a creepy old man. I also think that he acts the way he does (i.e., all of the negative stereotypes about Americans) because he is overcompensating for the size of his d***.

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  • Doubtful. If he was insecure in his manhood he wouldn't have gotten all the beautiful women he has been with.

  • Way to point out your hypocrisy, you bash someone for negative stereotyping then stereotype him as someone over compensating because of his p**** size. Let me ask do you think it ok to make that same assumption about why Hillary Clinton yells so much? Would it be ok if I said its because she has p**** envy or the size of her b******? Of course it wouldn't ,that would be sexist ,right?

  • Bleak

  • STOP THE PRESS! Some idiot has an opinion on Trump!

  • I think Hillary Clinton was a crack snacker and in case you don't know what that is its a woman who gets together with another woman and chows down on her p**** like its a popsicle. Her husband was worse and Chelsea is ugly.

  • Actually Hillary is a pedophile

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