That I have been having many ups and downs with my husband mainly downs at the moment so went on pinterest and looks at quotes on one of the quotes says. A woman who truely loves you will be angry at you so many things but will never leave you. But seriously does this ever actually happen??? As I do love my husband but the no effort on trying to talk about our problems and make changes to how they used to be is really getting me down and yes I have obviously spoke to him about it but the last time I spoke to him about it properly I just got attitude and him saying anything else you want to add? Which made me think maybe I was just being a nag but seriously the last time we had any time together just us was 5 months ago and I don't mean to be rude but he got no excuse my mom and dad would have our son for a couple of hours for us to have a meal out or go for a walk I not expecting too much really am I??? and yes I know I am lucky to have a mom and dad that would have our son I love our son don't get me wrong and we do things with him as much as we can but it would be lovely just to just go for a walk and re connect as a couple as when our son goes to bed he just sits on his phone or watches tv and yes I spoke to him about it and got attitude again. He has very little intrest in how my day has been I ask him about his day and get a few words and that's it. I always try my best to compliment him or make or buy him little things like cookies or something simple but he went out the other day and brought him self and our son stuff and his friends some stuff but not me and to be honest just a bag of sweets would of been nice. I can't keep trying when the other doesn't try as well. Sorry for the rant


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  • My rant on why I am sick of the royals flaunting and showing off when there are sad unemployed people and unhealthy sick people, and victims of crime living in poverty alone on welfare of some kind when these people flaunt and covort around like whores and fools making a fool of themselves. people are laughing openly at kate and william and harry and his s***. they laugh at how fat and pregnant and how bro-low-dog they are. the royals and celebrities think we are jealous but we not. its about equality and their spitefulness to be seen as special and their need to be envied. the best bounce up the duff and birth hole of these whores and d**** would be if we all had our own love life and money and jobs and never gave a stuff about them ever again. and they are so dumb they have not even worked it out that if they gave money to poor people and allowed those on welfare to have a life and love of their own we would feel happier for them. I mean spreed the love around, share the money around, share the limelight around. all they are doing is robbing others of love and money and a real life. when will the world wake up and see them for what they are. they don't like us. they don't like you. they hate you. they hate us. can't you see that. its just about them and their needs and s** and love and needing to be envied. no one would give a toss about these losers bro if we all had more of what we need. I just wish the whole world media would absolutely ignore them and their babies and weddings and tours and just try it for a few weddings and births and see how they like it. being ignored. being told to get lost and die. pushed away. no camera's chasing wedding dresses and babies and see how they react for once or twice. I would enjoy it. give the people what they want media, f****** ignore them for once as a game on them. we would love to see the looks on their faces in secret then. the public don't want to know about other peoples weddings and babies anymore.

  • I am sick of hearing about weddings, especially celebritites and royals. I think they have a hide expecting the rest of the world to be happy for them, would they ever be happy for me to marry? no. so why should we care about users and takers and criminals ? I hope someone rapes them at their wedding and ties them to toadpoles and throws toads at them and cuts their genitals off for being so dirty minded. making love is not a thing or sexy and special. its just f****** and its dirty mind that even thinks about it and certainly sinning dirty souled people who f*** and marry and pull this game of "oh but we are so in love" you are just seriously dirty minded with a mental illness and should be locked away.

  • Are you totally sure that there isn't anyone else? I don't say that to scare you. I apologize if it does, but my ex husband treated me EXACTLY like that when he was having an affair. He had no interest in what I had to say. He never wanted to chat. He stopped going places with me. Everything I said and did seemed to annoy him. It hurt like h*** at first, but then I just started to ignore him too. Did my own thing (didn't cheat though). Eventually we were like strangers living in the same house.

  • I hope there is no one else but can't be 100% sure as he keeps making alot of effort for work but it could just be that he has changed jobs recently iit feels like we are just living together at the moment so I guess it will just get worse I guess I just got to be grateful there no violence

  • Email me let's talk in depth about both sides of the relationship president2k5@icloud.com

  • The number one problem I see in all of this is( Phones), I hear and see the same comments all the time. You need to start a no phone rule after a certain time, lets say dinner, where during dinner and from that point on the phones are put away. We connect way more to an electronic device than we do to real people in our lives.

  • Thanks for your comment he just said I was being unfair

  • Relationships can get in a rut. And it's hurtful when either spouse shuts out the other. If you can, ask your husband if he would be open to going away for a weekend and see if your parents can watch your son for a weekend. Sure, working is hard and when he gets home he wants to relax. However, he has a family that he needs to tend to as well, so he has to figure out some balance. It can't work if he's not willing to talk about it or ignore you. Tell him that you miss him and think it's important to have some alone time to reconnect. And then also set up a plan where you two can have a date night each month or plan time to go for a walk even with your son. If he refuses and doesn't see the importance, you may need to seek couples counseling. Because you voicing your concerns isn't nagging. Sorry, you're going through this. Hopefully, this down doesn't last for a long time and you guys can reconnect soon.

  • Thanks for your comment

  • You're welcome. Now dial back the attitude and actually listen. If you just wanted people to nod and smile at you, you should have said so.

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