People at work are jealous of how much attention I get. They're all misjudging me and my work. I hope one day they all pay for their negativity. I know I didn't do anything wrong. They just can't stand me being loved. I'm tired of facing green eyed monsters every day of my life.

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  • I have a young girl working for me. She keeps her job because she wear mini skirts.

  • By the way, what kind of profession allows women to wear skirts?

  • Receptionist. Secretary. All sorts of jobs allow women to wear skirts.

  • It's all about discipline. Some companies don't have one.

  • Wearing a skirt or not at work, is an individual preference and not mandatory!

  • I'm the kind of girl who keeps herself covered neck to toe. I take my work seriously. It has to be appropriate. I completely dislike girls working in proactive clothing and not expect others to be "not" attractive. It's kind of ridiculous.

  • If you worked for me, I'd get you into short skirts. I take it as a challenge to accomplish it. I approach it differently depending on the woman. Sometimes they quit. My piece de resistance was a girl who's mom came in to challenge me. We ended up having an affair. I had the mom in mini skirts and she ensured the daughter was alway dressed in short skirts even when not at work.

  • It might be because you get by as eyecandy rather than just doing your job....

  • I'm being myself and if they have problem with that then they should start hiring Hypocrites because that's exactly what I'm witnessing now with their recent behaviors.
    If they reject me then I'm 100% sure someone else will hire me and respect my true personality. No wonder why they act the way they do. Whatever though! Their negativity isn't going to affect me anyway. Lol Either way I'm extremely happy. This doesn't affect me at all. I'm just going to be living my life with no guilt trip and that's a relief.

  • Obviously, it does affect you. You wouldn't be stating it wasn't, if it "wasn't!"

  • It's always bad to get tooooo close. Ive had some real m************ for boss's. Manipulative sob's

  • It is just not going to work on me. Just because they're the authorities doesn't mean you have no value. This is Freedom of speech. I'm not sure what else they're talking about.

  • Something does not ring true here.

  • I kind of thought so too, but I have been the boss' favorite before, and the other ladies in the office were vicious. He liked me because I was straight up with him, reliable, and I didn't whine and complain all the time. So, it was me he talked with the most, joked with, and paid attention too. The other women hated it. I didn't get more vacation or pay or anything. Just more attention from the boss.

  • Tp (teachers pet)

  • Yes in a nutshell that's exactly the position I found myself in.

  • Okay?! ^ I'm hoping you're not being over-confident in yourself. Not every woman is the same. I'm hoping your paranoia doesn't ruin the relationship with those co-workers who aren't anything like you think of them as. I hope you reconsider it before you lose almost everything.

  • If you're responding to my response, I don't work there anymore. I got a career in my chose field and moved on. I didn't imagine it. It was a small office with a lot of women. A lot of backstabbing. It was certainly a learning experience lol

  • I feel for you. I'm planning on changing my job as well. ^

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