Well how do I put this i have a crush a sexual desire for a girl named Emily now she had BIGGGGGG b**** she is 13 and I'm 14. But its hard to talk to her mostly because she always is making jokes about her body and I start to get well.......... Aroused . And I want her really bad but she has a boyfriend who's popular,cute,honest,kind. All of wich I'm not and even if she did say yes id feel like id love her just for her body like id stick around till I use it than leave and I don't wannna do that

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  • I think she probably jokes about her body to draw attention to it either for your benefit or someone around you.
    You say you'd probably stick around to use her body and then leave it but you don't do that? From the point of view of the reader it sounds like your lying to yourself or your trying to come across like this is what would likely happen because it's the type of person you are but deep down your really want to do the right thing. If your only interested in her body and you just want to get a piece of ass don't play on like there's some sort of moral dilemma your going through . Just be honest with what you want. "A piece of ass" there's nothing wrong with that and as far as the bf goes . If she goes for it she's not really into him anyway . I say hit it and quit it

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