Am i wrong to let this happen ?

I am new to this site and i have posted under the love section but it hasn't been posted yet and i want to know what other people think so il'll make this as short as possible ...I've been with my girlfriend for about three years now and i love her more than anything but about 18 months ago she met this other guy at a birthday party where she was with her friends ..he ended up bedding her and she admitted it to me a while ago and i forgave her but he's still f****** her as she stays over at his house every weekend and she says they have wonderful s** and they cant keep their hands off each other and he f**** her usually about 3or 4 times a night and sometimes during the day ..he's a few years younger than us i may add...she says its only s** and they don't love each other but it turns me on and i m********* thinking about them f****** each other as it turns me on and she does tell me every detail when she comes home ...he has a lot bigger c*** than me as i have a small one ..she loves sucking his c*** and having it inside her as it drives her wild ...what i want to know is am i a fool to let this happen?? And do you think I'm a wimp ??

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  • No not at all I let my wife's lover live with us only rule he has is to be naked at all times & f*** me & my wife I love his salty nector

  • Yes on both counys

  • i wish my small d*** husband was supportive of me like you are supportive of your wife. he cant choose to have a big d*** but could choose to support me this way he just doesnt choose to so i have to go to other men in secret to get what my body needs. i wish he was like you.

  • I am in exactly the same position this woman is in, and I feel exactly like she does. I love my husband but there's no way he can satisfy me because his d*** is just too small, so I cheat with other men. One of them is my husband's best friend and he was best man at our wedding.

  • Hi an update on this, I've met my fiances lover not long ago he's a bit younger than me and my fiance with a good physique and quite handsome, he shook my hand and thanked me for being ok for him f****** her, I told him that she's shown me the photos of her sucking his c*** and the one of his c** oozing from her lovely mouth, he told me he was glad that I've seen them and liked them, he says he's so excited that he's going to f*** her just before we take our marriage vows and on our wedding night to consumate our marriage, he showed me his c*** flacid and hard and I can see why she loves him f****** her, I showed him my c*** as well flacid and hard ...he never said anything but I can only imagine what he was thinking maybe he felt sorry for me I really don't know, he said he can gaurantee that he will get her pregnant hopefully before or after we are married, I've never saw such a big a smile on my fiances face, she kissed me passionately in front of him the she kissed him passionately as well, she, said to him I was a great guy and he agreed as well, she isn't off birth control yet and we haven't set a date for the wedding yet either, its up to her and him when she does come off birth control but I hope its soon, I really want her pregnant with his baby, they went off hand in hand to his place for a f*** fest for the weekend, I'm so happy and they are too.

  • Avoid Immoral Women
    1My son, pay attention to my wisdom;
    listen carefully to my wise counsel.
    2Then you will show discernment,
    and your lips will express what you’ve learned.
    3For the lips of an immoral woman are as sweet as honey,
    and her mouth is smoother than oil.
    4But in the end she is as bitter as poison,
    as dangerous as a double-edged sword.
    5Her feet go down to death;
    her steps lead straight to the grave.
    6For she cares nothing about the path to life.
    She staggers down a crooked trail and doesn’t realize it.
    7So now, my sons, listen to me.
    Never stray from what I am about to say:
    8Stay away from her!
    Don’t go near the door of her house!
    9If you do, you will lose your honor
    and will lose to merciless people all you have achieved.
    10Strangers will consume your wealth,
    and someone else will enjoy the fruit of your labor.
    11In the end you will groan in anguish
    when disease consumes your body.
    12You will say, “How I hated discipline!
    If only I had not ignored all the warnings!
    13Oh, why didn’t I listen to my teachers?
    Why didn’t I pay attention to my instructors?
    14I have come to the brink of utter ruin,
    and now I must face public disgrace.”
    15Drink water from your own well—
    share your love only with your wife.
    16Why spill the water of your springs in the streets,
    having s** with just anyone?
    17You should reserve it for yourselves.
    Never share it with strangers.
    18Let your wife be a fountain of blessing for you.
    Rejoice in the wife of your youth.
    19She is a loving deer, a graceful doe.
    Let her b****** satisfy you always.
    May you always be captivated by her love.
    20Why be captivated, my son, by an immoral woman,
    or fondle the b****** of a promiscuous woman?
    21For the lord sees clearly what a man does,
    examining every path he takes.
    22An evil man is held captive by his own sins;
    they are ropes that catch and hold him.
    23He will die for lack of self-control;
    he will be lost because of his great foolishness.

  • My girlfriend came back from her weekend with her lover ...she said he f***** her all weekend as usual and her p***** sore and she's full of his c** and her panties are soaking with their juices so she's just been freshly f***** by him before she left ....she wanted me to see it and smell it before she showered ...she told me he's excited about her getting married to me and he's definetely going to f*** her silly on our wedding night in our marital bed ...I have to admit that I masturbated in front of her and she let me c** on her t***, I reaaly can't wait for this all to happen.

  • Imy wife's lover can c** qts of j*** I never turn down a big hot load of his love nector I prefer second s

  • There was a lady who had HIV and Hepatitis B (most doctors will tell you how deadly this one is) from "opening legs" around. She confessed to having been sleeping with up to 10 men in the past 2 years. The moment she saw the diagnosis, she discharged herself (a minister met her in a hospital evangelism but kept contact). Had forgotten about our encounter but not her soul in prayers. 3 months after, she traced the minister back and was weeping profusely . . . in her own words "I went for the "sharing party" . . . I had unprotected s** with all the ten men and even serviced their friends who had been pestering me at the back of their so called friends (she has a body that you hear about only in fairy tales). I thought my broken heart will be healed but I feel so empty and afraid of death . . ." Well the lady in question is late but she made peace with Christ before she slept . . . are you going to make peace with him too?

  • You need to have her start teaching you how to suck his d*** so you can taste her p**** and her ass after he's f***** her with it. You are going to LOVE doing that, I promise!!!!

  • I don't know about that as I consider that to be homosexual or maybe bisexual ...I'm totally heterasexual but I suppose f she really wanted me to do it that I probably would but I think under protest, some women love to suck a mans c*** some let them c** in their mouths and some women swallow and some spit it out , I've tasted his c** in her mouth after she's sucked it and his c** tastes salty , but I don't know about me sucking it as I think that would be me submitting totally to him, I suppose I already have.

  • im just like those Other girls. i need something a lot bigger inside me then im getting from my BOyfriend at home and i need it so bad that it makes me want to cheat like all the time. i wish my boyfriend would do for me what your doing For your girlfriend. you really cant imagine how bad i need it bigger and bigger and bigger.

  • Hi I think that you are just being honest and I agree with you that you need to be f***** by a guy with a big c*** and I take it that your boyfriend has a little c*** like me, a woman needs a guy with a big c*** to f*** her as you obviously can't feel your boyfriends little one , a woman needs to be satisfied sexually I understand that and I don't blame you girls for feeling like that, so why not cheat if you aren't getting it from your boyfriend at home, find another guy with a big c*** to f*** you and you will be satisfied with his big c*** inside you f****** you, if I were your boyfriend I would let you do it , I think a lot of men with little c**** fantasize about another guy with a big c*** to f*** their girlfriend or wife, I have to admit though that I didn't until my girlfriend admitted to it, I was shocked at first but to be honest it really turned me on imagining him f****** her with his big c*** and now that we are getting married its an even bigger turn on for me, I want him to f*** her just before we take our wedding vows both of us knowing that his sperm is swimming around inside her , and as you've maybe read that I want him to f*** her all night long n our marital bed on our wedding night while I sleep in another room, I so much want him to make my beautiful new wife pregnant with his baby and if she's showing then all the better as that will blow my mind knowing its her lovers and not mine, I want her to tell her friends and everyone else that its his and not mine, it may seem crazy to a lot of people that I want this to happen but its the way I feel and as long as she is happy that will make me happy too, I love her so very much that it hurts.

  • Same here. I need something huge in me and I am so not getting it at home.

  • Hi please go out and find a guy with a huge c*** to f*** you with it if you're not getting it at home, a woman needs to be f***** on a regular basis to make her satisfied and to be happy, you're just being honest that you need to be f***** by a guy with a huge c*** if most women are honest they need a guy with a huge c*** to be inside them f****** them, my girlfriend sent me pictures on my phone of her on her knees sucking her lovers big c*** and one when he came in her mouth and one when he came on her face and her t***, his c**** very impressive and really puts my little c*** to shame and I don't blame my girlfriend having him f*** her with it, she even phoned me to let me listen when he was f****** her she was going wildand he told me your girlfriends a great f***, I was masturbating listening to them and I came in my hand and some of it even fell on the floor, when she's at his place for the weekend I m********* all the time imagining what he's doing to her and how hard he's f****** her, she told me she loves to suck his big b**** before se takes his c*** in her mouth and sucks him off.

  • my bf's d*** is a joke. so i cheat every time i have a chance. i cant help it i have to do it.

  • I understand how you feel as I think my c*** is a joke as its a small one and I don't blame you for cheating most women love being f***** by a guy with a big c*** I think and obviously you do, so I would say please continue cheating you need those big c**** inside you f****** you.

  • I f*** other men to get what I need but I could never tell my boyfriend.

  • Hi its good that you f*** other men and I take it that you like men with big c**** f****** you, do you let them f*** you bareback and do you let them c** in you ? Are you on birth control ? Because if you're not then there would be a good chance that one of them could get you pregnant then you would need to tell your boyfriend, unless you made him think it was his that is, and I think if most women are honest that they prefer being f***** by a guy with a big c*** rather than a small or average size one, I hope that you continue f****** other men to get what you need as I take it that you're not getting satisfied by your boyfriend.

  • You are so so so right about what I need: small d**** just don't do it for me and my boyfriends is about medium but it's not close to being enough of a c*** for a woman like me. I mean I love my boyfriend I really truly do, but he's never given me an o***** not even once in all the time we've been together or lived together. So I have to go out and find those big d**** and get on them to get off. And you're also right about me needing it to be bareback like sooooooo bad. I tried condoms when I was really young but I hated them so I started refusing to let guys use them on me because I love the feel of raw man and the feel of raw meat and the feel of raw heat and the feel of raw f***. And yes I do take the pill but sometimes I forget. And finally I really really don't know how you know so much about me but yes I have also even thought about planning to get knocked up by one of the other guys I f*** maybe even a stranger and then making my boyfriend think the baby was his because that idea just makes me wet! How do you know so much about me?????????

  • Hey,
    Thanks for the confession. It's very interesting.
    The only thing that I'm a little concerned about is: YOU

    Meaning, "How about you?" Do YOU get to f*** another hot, attractive woman who is really h**** for you, one day?

    What I'd recommend, at least, just so you know and it's in the clear with your significant other is: FIND OUT IF YOU ARE ALSO ALLOWED TO HAVE ANOTHER PARTNER TO have s** with.

    I'd hate for you to be the (EXCELLENT) giving one in the relationship, who let's his girl f*** the guy who really does it for her, and THEN find out that you aren't allowed to f*** any other good looking p**** that walks by....

    I mean, it's only fair, and I really feel that you should have the same grazing/roaming rights as your fiance does...

    Take care!

  • Hi thanks for your concern but its something we've never discussed , I suppose I've never thought about that as the situation were both in is that she gets all the s** she wants from her lover and I haven't even considered f****** another woman , as you have read I have a small c*** and I don't know if I could satisfy another woman even if I wanted to, I love my fiance and all I'm concerned about is her happiness, although I get an incredible sexual rush out of all this, she is to me just simply wonderful and beautiful and I'm very fortunate that I've got her and she's going to be my gorgeous wife and I couldn't be more happy and neither could she, but I thank you for your comments take care as well !

  • This is going to end badly. Very badly. You should get out now, before you allow this selfish little girl to ruin your life and create a permanent scar.

  • I don't think so and she's not a selfish little girl ...I want this and she does as well so we're both happy and that's all that matters.

  • I was actually trying to be kind. What she really is is a trashy egocentric w****. If she gave a s*** about YOU, she'd never "agree" to all the perversions you've described. But she doesn't give a s*** about you. She only gives a s*** about what you can do for her. You're entire connection to this girl will always be about her. That's not a relationship: it's personal servitude. And they outlawed it around 150 years ago. You may have read about that.

  • I disagree with you completely i'm not her servant and she's not a self centred person at all,i get pleasure out of her happiness and we do have a loving relationship, you may think that she's a trashy w**** but i can assure you that is something she is not but you are entitled to your opinion like everyone else, but please don't forget that it's not for us to judge as not one single person on this planet is perfect that i'm afraid is impossible.

  • fake as plastic turds.

  • Are you ? Maybe you should confess about that. ...but that's one thing this is not my friend this isbreal.

  • Is real that should be I'm too fast a typer

  • A couple of nights ago I sat my girlfriend down and had a very deep talk with her regarding our situation, I explained to her my thoughts and desires about her and her lover and asked her what she wanted out of this relationship with myself and her lover, we spoke at length about it all and I asked her to marry me and her answer was an emphatic YES, I am over the moon that she is going to become my beautiful wife I'm so very very happy that this is going to become reality for the both of us and I can't wait, we have set out ground rules that she can f*** her lover anytime she wants and he wants, she's also agreed for him to f*** her on our wedding day and she has spoken to him and he has readily agreed to do it , she was shocked and taken aback when I told her that i would even love him to make her pregnant but she's not sure about that as she's doesn't know if she's ready yet to become a mother but she has told me she will talk it over with her lover and I've told her that I would be more than happy if they had a child, I've also spoken to her about him f****** her all night on our wedding bed and I will sleep in another room which will be booked in his name but I will be sleeping there while he f**** my new bride all night, I've also suggested to her that we have him come with us on our honeymoon p, please pardon the pun he can f*** her all our honeymoon in our bed, she told me she would love that and she thinks he will definetely be up for that ....I will keep you all updated on developments ...I'm so excited :-)

  • CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I think you two are going to make a wonderful couple. Please let us all know about the preparations, the wedding, the wedding night, the honeymoon and everything else you guys get up to! Thank you!

  • I will thanks we havent set a date or anything yet as its very early days but we will be discussing it over the next few days and I will let you all know what's happening ....I can't wait o be honest with you as I'm so excited I could just burst lol.

  • she totally needs to be pregnant with the other man's child at your wedding. that would be just the sexiest thing ever and it would be a delicious memory to hold for the rest of your lives. i dont know whether or not you would want to tell anybody about the pregnancy not being for you but if at least you and she know it would be wonderful. i mean she would need to be obviously pregnant (like 6-8 months) so then you would just need to decide whether or not to tell people that the baby isnt yours. either way its hot and either way a pregnant woman in a wedding gown is super sexy. i know because i was one almost 9 years ago! good luck!!!!

  • Thanks for your kind wishes and I think when we do get married and she is maybe 6 months pregnant with his baby then that would be just wonderful seeing her in her wedding dress pregnant and his child growing inside her, if we did decide to tell people that the baby wasn't mine then I can just imagine the look on their faces with them knowing its another guys and I'm marrying her and he's f***** her ...but little would they know that he'd still be f****** her with my full support and encouragement...and I agree it would bebso very super sexy to see her like that :-)

  • even if you dont tell the people at your wedding or other people you know that her baby was fathered by the other guy you totally totaly totally totally need to be sure that all of her bridesmaids know that her boyfriend is the father and that hes still making love with her so that when their standing up there with her they will all be creaming and dripping at the thought of their pregnant friend getting knocked up by one man and marrying another but not ever giving up the first man because hes got such a gigantic one. and you alredy know what will hapen dont you? some of her bridesmaids will go out and do the same thing! do you see what kind of beauty and sensuality and love your starting with this mariage??? i really think its a wonderful thing and i think you should be proud of yourself and of your fiancé and of her fabulous boyfriend! you guys are like explorers!! i love this!!!!

  • That sounds wonderful and thinking about it she should tell her bridesmaids that the baby is his and not mine, but maybe they will laugh at me for letting her get pregnant by him and letting him f*** her, she's probably told her friends that someone? else is f****** her anyway and that I've got a small c*** anyway ....thanks for saying all those lovely things though I appreciate it :-)

  • That other guy needs to be your best man at the wedding. I mean he already is HER best man, so he should be yours, too. But in any event, he HAS to be IN THE WEDDING, and you know I'm right.

  • I never thought about that and thanks for the suggestion I will put it to her to ask him, I'm sure he would, god I'm so hard now just thinking about that he being my best man , my new wife pregnant with his child , him still f****** her , me not consumating the marriage and he will, him f****** her all the time on our honeymoon in our bed, god it gets better and better for me, I would also love it when we went to our room after the ceremony for him to come in for her to getnon hernknees in front of him take out his big c*** and suck it for him to c** in her mouth and say to me this is the c** that made your wife pregnant , now that wouldbe mind blowing for me :-)

  • I am sooooooooooo excited for you!!!!

  • Thank you so much we are very excited as well ...its incredible :-)

  • My husband doesn't fill me up, with either his meat or his cream. So I wish he would let me go find a man who could do both. Hotwifing should be the law and it should be in every couple's wedding vows!!!

  • I agree with you there ane I hope he does let you go and find another man that's bigger to f*** you really good and shoot loads of his c** in you.

  • God that is exactly what I want and need but hubby would never allow it. But I do think about it all the time because I just ache and hurt and cry for having a real man with a real d*** inside me. One who will insist that I never go without his cream flowing through me. There is a teacher at our kids school who I think has a d*** like that. I don't know whether or not he is hung that way but I imagine he is and I fantasize about having him mount me, sometimes right in front of all the other parents and the students and even my husband.

  • I hope it becomes a reality for you as I think you would love that teachers big hard c*** inside you if he is hung that is, I'm sure you would love him shooting his load of c** in you filling your p**** up ...why don't you flirt with him and test him out you never know he might be up for it , he might like the thought of f****** a married woman and you could always make excuses to your husband and you would need to be very discreet so I hope it comes true for you to have another mans c*** in you, happy f******.

  • For this man I would definately make excuses to my husband so I could go get with this man. And I would be completly discreet so that my husband and this mans wife would never know anything about what we were doing together. There's a parents night at the schooll just before Thanksgiving and my husband will be out of town that night so maybe I'll follow your suggestion and flirt with my teacher/dream and see where it goes. God I loved the way you said about him filling me up with his load and so maybe that will happen that night. God I want his c*** so bad!!!!!

  • I hope you make it happen and it does happen for you so please do it get his bare c*** inside you and let him f*** you silly, let him shoot loads of his sperm in you and you'll love the feeling of his sperm swimming around inside you, suck his c*** dry lick and suck his b****, let him f*** every orifice, let him come on your face,hair, t***,p**** in fact everywhere in and on your body,...let his c** dry in your panties and then you can smell his c** in them when you take them off knowing that you've been freshly fucke by that bare c*** of his, I also hope you swallow his c** when you suck his c*** and I'm sure you will love it and you will want it more and more, I know my fiancee loves it but I know about it and that's the difference, you want his c*** so bad so go and get it and I think you won't regret it...put your fantasy into reality, I'm sure this teacher wouldn't pass up the chance to f*** you, Ive just came writing and thinking about this and I wish you the very best of luck please let me know if it happens nd how you felt being f***** by his big bare c***.

  • I have a question for you - what does your girl get from you that she does not get from this other guy? If he decides that he wants her for more than just f******, would she stay with you, or be with him all the time? You need to consider this, in case it happens.

  • To answer your question she loves me its as simple as that, she loves his big c*** inside her f****** her and she says that the s** is incredible with him, i dont think she would ever leave me for him and i trust her, i'm going to ask her to marry me and hopefully she will say yes, i want him to f*** her on our wedding day and when we take our vows i will know she has his sperm swimming about inside her..i also want him to f*** her on our wedding bed while i go into another room and m********* to him f****** my new wife, if he got her pregnant then that would be a massive turn on for me and i would take care of her through the pregnancy and when the baby was born i would help with its upbringing.

  • So, so, so sexy. I wish my husband felt like you do.

  • Thank you and I hope someday he does feel like me

  • same here. i wish my husband would let me go play and come home smelling like another mans j*** and have it all over my clothes and skin in front of the kids. ommfg!! but the ting that i love the most is that you want her to let her boyfriend knock her up! holy s***!!! i love that! your g/f is sooooooooooooo f****** lucky!!!

  • I hope your husband someday does let you go and get another man the smell of his c** on my girlfriend and the taste of his c** in her mouth drives me crazy ...and I am going to try my besto convince her to let her boyfriend make her pregnant and I hope she will be pregnant with his baby when we take our wedding vows as I want him to f*** her on our wedding day and then to f*** and sleep with her on our wedding night while I will be in another room masturbating like h***.

  • Before you completely give up on someone you love, and who seems like she might very well be a one-in-a-million or once-in-a-lifetime kind of girl, you need to do two things. First, sit down and have a long, honest talk about what both of you want in YOUR relationship, before discussing anything about outside interests or extramarital sexuality (yes: tell her you want to marry her). If you need to, or if you think it would be beneficial, go see a couples counselor together and talk about the arrangement. Establish ground rules about who and how often she can play, and rules about safe s** and full disclosure. See if you can live with what she wants, and if she can live with what you want (face the truth: you want her sexual freedom and near-promiscuity as much as she does!!), and do it with the idea that the rules will always be the rules. It's possible that her only interest will be this one other guy, and that she just wants to continue to have unrestricted access to him, like she has now and like you fully support. You love that now, and so there's reason to think you'd continue to love her going to him -- or bringing him home -- for the extracurriculars she wants and for the c***-size and f***-frequency she doesn't get at home with you. And then second, the two of you need to seriously look into something called "Hotwifing", which is precisely the arrangement that you guys have now, and which would fit beautifully into your marriage, if you marry her. There are several hotwifing sites out there, and the more reputable ones will give you both continuing guidance about polyamorous relationships where the wife is the ONLY free agent: hotwifing describes your situation exactly, and if it has worked for so many, many other couples, there is no reason to think it can't work for you two. I would just HATE to see you break it off with this girl when her desires and your desires seem to be so PERFECTLY matched. I offer this just as food for thought. Best wishes!

  • Thank you for your advice and I really appreciate it as I'm in a quandary about what to do, I had thought about seeking advice about this from a professional as it doesn't seem normal to be like this but I have taken everyones comments and thoughts and advice about my situation, I suppose I am a wimp and I don't blame my girlfriend letting a big cocked guy to f*** her, I have never heard of hotwifing in my life before but you describe it so well and it seems to be the lifestyle we are leading just now, I agree we have to talk at length about this and get some ground rules set out that suits us both, yes I would love her to be my wife as I do truly love her and want her to be happy , you mentioned if she kept to this one guy but it wouldn't matter to me how many guys she let f*** her as long as she loves me and always comes back home to meand I honestly would be happy if this other guy got her pregnant and she had his baby as I would take care of both her and the child, this may seem strange to a lot of people but it really does turn me on knowing that this other guy is f****** her and I don't get to ..just give and get oral s** and m********* to the thought of them f******, I think I'm going to ask her to marry me and discuss all this with her so I thank you very much for your help and comments wishes to you also.

  • I'm soooooo glad that you're reconsidering and are willing to work on your relationship with this girl who seems so perfect for you. I love your idea of having the other guy impregnate her -- even to the point of her being pregnant with his child AT THE WEDDING!!! -- and the way you describe how much you love her, and how much you want her happiness, makes me sure that you and she will work this out and that it will make for a wonderful marriage and family. You're going to love being her husband, and you're going to love eating his c** out of her when she comes home to you after he's finished with her and worn her out, even during her pregnancy, and on the night of the wedding. Good luck to you, my friend!!

  • i agree with this person totaly. there are so many alternative lifestyles out there so who is to say that this cant work for you and your girlfriend? she gets all the s** she needs and wants. and you get to be the supportive loving partner that you are. do NOT let these moralists tell you who you can and cant love!!!!!!!!

  • I also agree with yourself and the other person so I'm going to persue everything he has said , I love her I want her to be happy and for me to be happy also, if she enjoys this other guy f****** her then that's great and it makes me happy too, I want her to be my wife and I will be her loving husband and this other guy can f*** her anytime he likes even in our marital bed.

  • ok so what are you going to do when your friends or your work colleagues or your parents see your wife out in public with this guy and shes hanging on him and making out with him and slipping her hands down inside his pants to get at that gigantic c*** that she wants and needs so so so bad? arent you going to be humiliated so bad that you want to die???

  • If you read my comment to the previous person then you will see what I'm gonna do ...I think now that you're right.

  • I can't imagine how or why you would want to be married to somebody who only cares about herself, and who doesn't give a s*** about you beyond what bills you can pay for her AND FOR HER F*** PARTNER (that's correct, spud, you're gonna be paying HIS bills, too, they just haven't told you yet). So, yeah, you really ARE a fool, and that's not an opinion: it's a fact. You are so totally going to get exactly what you deserve. And she's going to get a free ride for as long as you can afford to pay the freight. Good luck, moron.

  • I'm going to seek professional help on this s I think I'm being really naive about all of this and I think I'm going to have to MAN UP and tell them both to GO F*** THEMSELVES ..if you pardon the pun ..and I'm not a moron as you put it I'm actually a very nice guy ..maybe just too nice.

  • the answers to your questions are "yes" and "yes". youre a fool and youre a wimp and this is not going to end well for you. shes going to embarrass you so bad that you wont recover from it. and if you dont suck his d*** when she tells you to then shes going to tell everybody that you did it anyway. your life is toast.

  • Thanks for commenting on my confession i agree that i'm a wimp bec ause i believe i am,but whether i'm a fool or not is you opinion and you're entitled to that, i probably am a foolfor letting this happen but when you love a woman so much like i love her then it's very hard for me to not let it happen but i thank you for your thoughts on this subject, but it does turn me on.

  • Dump her. I've seen this play out so many times. the lady usually 95% of the time end up with the other guy cause he's bigger and better. If you can show her you're the Boss and Abuse her (during s**) then maybe she'll be yours but the only reason she keeps coming back to ya is because you have a good salary and is putting a roof over her head, + you're feeding her with food. if your salary is crap and such and barely have a roof over your head, then she'll most definitely leave you for him. + once you get married, you must have her stop this. And how do you know it's just this one guy on the weekend, what if it's like a bunch of other guys she's also been with during the weekend. A submissive man is only good when both partners are faithful but in this situation; MAN UP! AND TAKE CONTROL FOR ONCE GOSH -_- The main reason she goes and sees him is not cause he has a bigger c*** than yours, it's because he's a man and not a submissive wimp.If you can show her how much of a man you are then she'll be flying back into your arms.

  • I couldnt dump her i love her and yes i do put a roof over her head but she does contribute and she is good to me as well, i believe her when she told me its only this guy as i dont have any reason to disbelieve her, but yes you are probably right that i am a wimp but i think its because i feel inferior having a little c*** compared to his, i dont blame her letting him f*** her with that big c*** of his, she's told me he can f*** her for a long time and he gives her great o****** as well and when he shoots inside her it seems to her like he's never going to stop cuming, she told me he can get hard again very quickly.

  • What will happen when she leaves you for him then??

  • I don't know yet buddy as I think I'm gonna tell them both to F*** OFF...and I'm glad you can please the ladies :-)

  • Dude no worries, im small in the W*** department also but i know how to use it so the ladies love me :D

  • dude you need to find somebody whose not a w****

  • She is not a w**** so please retract your last comment.

  • Dude she is totally a w**** by anybody's definition, you need to wake the f*** up.

  • so what are you gonna do when this guy with the huge d*** -- the one she can't get off of -- decides he wants your wife full-time and she says yes (which you already know she will say to him)? you're gonna be s*** out of luck.

  • She's not my wife yet but i'm going to ask her to marry me and hopefully she will say yes' on our wedding night i want him to be the only one who f**** her and i want him to f*** her just before we take our marriage vows so i know his sperm is swimming around inside her and it's also leaking out her c*** and dribbling down her legs,after we are married i think i would like him to move in with us permenantly so he can f*** her every night in our marital bed and any time he wants to f*** her,hopefully i will get to watch him f****** her in our bed and when i'm not watching i will get to listen to him f****** her in our bed from the other room and i can m********* to them f******.

  • Three little letters are going to change your point of view on your wife's infidelity once they enter your life, and they will do that soon: S-T-D.

  • Were not married yet as she's only my girlfriend just now but i'm going to ask her to marry me and hopefully she will say yes,and if he had any kind of STD i think i would have known by now as he's been f****** her for a while,ive asked her not to let me f*** her as she probably couldnt feel me inside her anyway after being f***** with his big c*** for a while but she does suck my c*** and lets me c** in her mouth, i c** very quicly as well, sometimes she swallows my c** and sometimes she spits it out, she masturbates me as well and lets me c** over her t*** or her face and sometimes on her p****, i lick her p**** before she masturbates me and i play with her c*** as well she usually o****** with me doing that to her, but when she masturbates me or sucks my c*** i always think on him f****** her with his big c*** and her sucking his big c***, she's shown me photos she took on her phone of her sucking his big c*** and him c****** in her mouth and i must say it puts my little c*** to shame so i dont blame her one little bit,i'm quite happy for him to continue to f*** her as it gives her so much pleasure and she alsways comes home to me with a big smile on her face after hes been f****** her all weekend.

  • I doubt that you know who she's f****** beside this one guy, or that she can be trusted to be completely honest about any of that. But I know for sure that you don't know who this other guy is f****** beside your girlfriend. So, the fact that you haven't contracted any STDs yet -- THAT YOU KNOW OF -- doesn't mean you don't already have one or won't ever get one. You're being naïve about what sort of diseases are out there and how easily and quickly they can get to you. The larger problem, of course, is that the risk you're taking could cost you your life. This b**** is a w****, and even if she doesn't kill you, she's going to make you sorry that you decided to knowingly marry a w****. She's going to break your heart.

  • Thank you I think I will need to think long and hard about this as you are probably right that I don't know for sure that he's the only guy she's f****** and as far as the std is concerned you are right about that as well that I don't know if I have one or not as they can lie dormant for a while and can get passed on by oral s** as well ...its just that the thought of all this turns me on so much and its difficult to remedy that so maybe I should seek professional help which I think I will do as soon as I can ..I will also go to get checked out for any std's so to put my mind at rest on that one ...a few people on here have commented that she'sa w**** but she doesn'tseem that way to me ..I suppose its different when you love someone and are tunnell visioned ...I think I have been really naive about all of this and thanks for your advice and observations.

  • right now this all seems like fun and games to you but eventually your going to get tired of her adultery and your going to want her to just be a wife and she either wont be able to do that or she will just refuse to stop f****** around with guys who have bigger d**** than you and then its not going to be fun anymore because your going to be a laughingstock if you arent already one.

  • I dont think i will ever get tired of her adultery as you say, were not married yet but i'm going to ask her, hopefully she will say yes and he can continue f****** her in our marital bed i hope.

  • If you think you can live with the humiliation of being married to a woman who everybody knows is a w****, and who a lot of men will be using as one, then go for it.

  • I think i can when we are married i want him to continue f****** her in our marital bed i hope.

  • Marry her, go to work (so she won't have to), pay the bills, and let her play around -- all day, every day. You are soooooooooo lucky.

  • Yes i think i am very lucky to have such a wonderful girlfriend like her...i already earn a good salary so thats not a problem doing that, and every day sounds great.

  • THREE OR FOUR TIMES A NIGHT??!???? Bro, she's never gonna give that s*** up.

  • No she's not and i dont blame her.

  • i dont blame her either. if i had a man giving me that kind of action and with a d*** that huge i would be all over him all the time and my husband could go without!

  • You should make her bring her big-dicked boyfriend along on the honeymoon, so that the whole experience is as good as it can be for her: get him a room separate from yours so you can see her walk down the hall to him, knowing that she's about to get something better and n***** than you just gave her. Or better yet, let her consummate your marriage ONLY with the other guy in your marital bed. I wish my husband was as open-minded as you are, because that way I wouldn't have to sneak around like I do. And our wedding would have been much more fun than it was (my boyfriend did me during the reception, but it was really quick and nobody knew except one of my bridesmaids).

  • I'm going to ask her to marry me and hopefully she will say yes and hopefully he will have f***** her a short while before we take our marriage vows so i know his sperm is swimming around inside her p**** and leaking out of it,i would love it if he was the one to consumate our marriage in our marital bed,i think i would love it after we were married that he moved in with us and he gets to f*** her in our marital bed every night and any time he wants' and hopefully i will get to watch him f****** her seeing his big c*** pounding her would be wonderful for me, and when i'm not watching them i get to listen to him f****** her from the spare room while i m********* to him f****** her.

  • You must really love this girl.

  • jeez dude thats a hot piece you got there. marry it for sure.

  • Yes she is a hot piece as you say and i'm going to ask her to marry me and hopefully she will say yes then he can f*** her anytime he wants and i hope its in our marital bed,hope she makes me sleep in the spare room so i can hear him f****** the life out of her and maybe even get to watch sometimes,i think i would also love it if he moved in with us permenantly and he could sleep with her in our marital bed all the time and i could sleep in the spare room...god ive just came writing this.

  • God, I've came just READING it!! TWICE!!!!!!!!

  • Sounds like your girlfriend is a very nasty w****.........and it sounds like you're a very lucky guy. Put a ring on it.

  • Yes i am a very lucky guy to have her she's the love of my life but she isnt a nasty w**** ....i would never call her that and i dont want anyone else to call her that either if you could please retract your last comment,

  • Being a nasty w**** is a good thing, and she is both nasty and a w****, and I love what she's doing. God, yes, the girl is filthy and that's why you love her, and it's why all of us out here love her, too: we wish we were you! I'd give anything to have a girlfriend who was this nasty all the time.

  • No you aren't wrong or a fool to allow this to happen. Not at all. Your girlfriend just so happens to be one of those women who can't be satisfied by one man, and that's not a bad thing, it's a good thing, and you should allow it and enjoy it. She obviously keeps coming back to you when the other guys are done with her, so that tells you that you are at the top of her list. She needs lots of c**** to be pleased, and she needs lots of relationships to be excited and aroused, and that all works to your favor, because you love her and you want her to be happy, and you are the principal means by which she accomplishes that happiness. You are her foundation and you give her the means and the wherewithal to go out and look for these other men that she needs -- be sure not to overlook that: these are men THAT SHE NEEDS -- in order to be fulfilled and happy. You are contributing to the happiness of a young girl you love, and that's a wonderful and important thing. And by all means you should marry her, and as soon as possible, before she gets away and goes to someone else: that would be a crippling blow and you might never recover from it. Just be sure that you are confident that she'll always come home to you after the other men are finished with her or have worn her completely out. Being there for her after she's been railed or wrecked or even abused by another man or group of men makes you the most important man in her life, and isn't that what you ultimately want and need? As for the wedding you mentioned, yes, it seems certain that she'll walk down the aisle and into your arms with the sexual juices of another man or other men swirling around inside her body and on her skin and in her hair and on her breath, but be honest: would you want it any other way? Would you want HER any other way? This is a beautiful, beautiful relationship you have with this girl, and you should enjoy it. Marry her. Don't wait another day, or another minute.

  • I'm going to ask her to marry me and hopefully she will say yes.

  • Tell her you want to to be present during one of these f*** session weekends. ask her how she would feel about having a three-way with both of you. it sounds to me like you have a very open an honest relationship and if she is telling you all the details and calling your phone so you can listen i dont think she would be surprised that you would want to be there. the only thing to be mindful of is since you have been playing a submissive role, then if the three of you do get together that will be your expected role. just go with it.

  • Hopefully that will happen that i get to watch but i'm going to ask her to marry me first and i hope that she will say yes,shes shown me photos that she took on her phone of her sucking his big c*** and him c****** in her mouth, if and when we get married i want him to f*** and c** in her a short while before we take our marriage vows knowing that he's f***** her and his c** would be oozing out her p**** maybe running down her legs but her panties would probably be soaking with his sperm and most of his sperm would be swimming around inside of her,on our wedding night i want him to consumate our marriage in our marital bed and hopefully i would get to watch him f****** my new wife all night i hope, i would like him to move in with us as well and he can f*** her all the time in our marital bed, maybe i would get to watch or maybe i would listen to him f****** her while i'm in the other room masturbating, ive also thought what if she was pregnant with his child while we were taking our marriage that would be absolutely thrilling for me to know my new wife was carrying another mans child,i want this to happen and i'm going to try my best to make it happen, she's on birth control just now but if she stopped taking it then he would probably make her pregnant, i can imagine watching her belly grow with his child knowing it wasnt mine,i'm quite happy for him to keep f****** her as it gives her so much pleasure and she always comes home to me with a big smile on her face after he's f***** her all weekend.

  • Yes you are. But get your wife to f*** him at your home and be their servant and lick her c*** when he's f***** her suck his c***

  • I don't know if they would do that but the thought of it excites me and there's no way I would suck his c*** ...I'm not gay ffs.

  • Doesn't matter. You gotta watch them together and see how much she loves this guy and his c***, and you gotta suck his cream out of her p**** (and ass), and lick her p**** juice off his rod. You're going to love sucking that c*** after it's been in your wife. Let her tell you what to do, but you gotta know she's gonna want to see you suck the d***. And you gotta know you're gonna do exactly that.

  • She has let him f*** her anally something ive never done to her and she's never suggested to me, and no wonder she's let him, she told me it was painfulthe first time he put his c*** head in her but after he got it all in her and started f****** her she said it was heaven.

  • You gotta have her bring him over to your place one weekend and watch him do her ass. Then, as soon as he pulls out of her ass, you gotta go to work sucking her ass juice off that giant c*** he's got and that he keeps shoving into her body........and let him c** in your mouth. You gotta be a slave for both of them.

  • F****** grow a pair! yes you are a wimp. Go beat the s*** out of this guy. If he's bigger than you, use a baseball bat when he's not looking. Sneak up on him

  • I couldn't do that ..that isn't me I'm afraid

  • Yes you can, you will enjoy seeing her f***** with a big c*** and deing forced to lick lick her spunky c*** and then suck him hard again to f*** her more. I do it to my husband and his mistress

  • I admit I would love that and I have tasted his c** on my tongue when I kissed her when she came home after spending the weekend with him ..she obviously had sucked his c*** before she came home that morning and he had came in her mouth ..she admitted to me that she swallows his c** and the thought of that makes me really hard was a strange taste rather salty and I loved it ..I have smelt his c** on her panties as well ...last week she phoned me to listen to her f****** her ...I could hear him slapping against her would have been his big b**** which she said are really big ...I could hear her crying out that she loved his big hard c*** f****** her and her saying please c** in me ... I masturbated to that and came in my hand.

  • Good, I never thought of licking a spunky p**** till this happened but I love it. So you loked the taste of his s****, get her to have a full p**** and you will love licking his s**** from her gash. Sarah x

  • I would love to do that sarah.

  • Submit to me noe. Sarah

  • I'm also thinking to ask her to marry me and i know he is f****** my girlfriend as she is just now but to think of us taking our vows and he has probably f***** her not long before the wedding and she would be full of his c** is mind blowing for me to think that my wife has his sperm swimming around inside her now that would be something else ..i think i will ask her and make it happen ...god what a thought him f****** my new bride.

  • Do you think she would be up for bi s**, I'm very bi and would love a 3sm with you both or even a 4sm with her other. I will submit to any order with pleasure, it could be a wonderful wedding night of pure s**? Sarah

  • I dont think she would be up for that sarah as she only loves him f****** her with that big c*** of his.

  • How big is you c***, I hate my hubands its huge and hurts lick f*** when he shags me but I love his big k*** in my mouth and feeling it swell just before he spunks. I glad he found her as now he's happy for me to suck him off everyday. His is 8 inches and very fat.
    I'd love a smaller c*** to bang me and fill my hairy p**** full of warm s****. Sarah

  • Hi sarah my c*** is about 4 inches erect so i'm not very big in the c*** department whereas her lovers c*** is just a little over 8 inches...she took photo's on her phone of her sucking his big c*** and one of him cuming in her mouth and his c** was dribbling out her mouth what a sight made me c** without touching myself...his c*** looks very impressive and i can see why she loves sucking it and it being inside her being f***** with it she says she can hardly feel me in her mouth now.

  • Wow she is a good girl. I'd ike your little c*** up me and I would enjoy sucking you till you spunked in my mouth and f*** me up the a***, do you want me. Sarah

  • You sound a very sexy woman sarah 42gg t*** wow ...if things were different I'd love to c** in your mouth and for you to swallow my s**** ..don't know about f****** you in the ass though I've never done that before.

  • You will love it and so will I, iv just sucked him off and my t*** are covered in s****. What do you want me to do for you, I am experienced so don't be shy. Sarah xx

  • Reply me now you wimp I want you c***. Sarah

  • I'd like to be at your wedding, ozzing you s**** into my knickers. Sarah

  • T*** yout s**** I want, not hits iv got a huge c*** at home and I want your little c*** up my c***. I have 42gg t*** for yor pleasure

  • I think you would probably like his s**** in your knickers more sarah,she tells me he c*** a lot.

  • Have some self respect - she surely doesn't have any for you. She does not love you; dump her and find someone who will treat you as a person and not just use you. He may be just s** to her, but you are nothing to her - just someone to use.

  • I could never dump her and she does treat me well and I love her so very much and I don't think she's using me ..but thanks for your thoughts

  • speechless. This is unbelievable and the most craziest s*** I have ever read. I can't phantom a person with such low self esteem. WOW, get professional help!

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