There is no God

Only a fool believes in God. I love the feeling of knowing for a fact that most of the planet is deceived by a great hoax.......

Feb 7, 2012

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  • There could be that is a stupid statement. Just not very likely anything close to anything humans made up...

  • Even satan deceived eve in the garden of eden "you shall not die" and the evidence of disobedience are there for all to see. the wages of sin is death, are we not dying? Ignorance brings darkness into our minds.Jesus is coming back for real and GOD after reading such statements said boldly thru ignorance they are clear testimonies that we are living in the days of noah. DONT BE LIKE PHARAOH WHO SAID TO MOSES "WHO IS THE LORD, I NO NOT THE LORD " AND we all know what happened there after. read the bible and god will open your heart to know him, the fact that you are living and can dispise him with impunity clearly shows that god is a God of love and is patient with unbelievers not wanting anyone to perish but to repent and seek him whilst he is still near. Make a decision for life or death for there is no second chance after death lastly angels that excell in strength are recording every man,s activities whether goog or bad with terrible exactness being stored in the books of judgements waiting for that day the day of judgement where every case will be opened and every hidden things will be exposed those who confess their sins and accept jesus as their personal saviour during their earthly life to eternal life and those that dispised jesus to h*** with satan and his angels. Shakespear once wrote : "there is a line by us unseen that crosses every path, the hidden boundary between gods patience and his wrath."

  • HAHA i had to laugh at this...if there is a "god" and he is so great and holy! then why the h*** does he let all these bad things happen, crime, poverty, suffering??? answer me this big guy?

  • This world is not perfect. The reason this happens on Earth is because of what happened in Genesis with Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve disobeyed God and lied to him, and those are sins. This is how sin came into the world. God cannot change the sin happening on Earth or take that back. All these bad things have to happen in order for the rapture to happen. The real question is do you have actual proof that God doesn't exist? You can't prove God doesn't exist.

  • im not the big guy below. but this is my personl understanding about all those misery~they are basically the living hells (besides living paradise like some people having good life based on good karma)based on some `mysterious' reasons/causes behind which is called `karma'= u reap what u sow (when the right time come). on the other hand, some bad things/tribulations also god's tests( no pain, no gain). They say: God's power is shown in the humans' weakness.

  • There is a God..........and he LOVES YOU! Jesus is his son and our savior. Cry out to him (Jesus)! ask him to forgive your sins and he will fill you soul with peace. I know...........I did and he did.

    God Bless

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