Wife is more of a freak than I knew

I've been married to my wife for 9 years. S** is decent. So about 3 weeks ago she has a friend of hers come over. I didn't even know because I was back in the bedroom playing a video game. She comes back and tells me she wants me to meet her friend.

I walk out and meet her friend Heather. She's in her early 40s and very hot. I have to be a good husband and play it off like I'm not drooling. So wife is sitting in her chair. I sit on one end of the couch and Heather is at the other. Everyone is having drinks and talking and watching TV. Heather says she needs to use the bathroom. My wife points out where it is. She goes into the bathroom and my wife says, "Pretty hit huh?" I say, "What do you mean?" She says, "Heather. She's pretty hot don't you think?" I say, "I dunno maybe. Didn't really look." She says, "Come on. Be serious. You weren't looking? She thinks you're hot." I say, "But it's ok for chicks to say that about men." She says, "So you don't think she's hot?" I say, "Not falling into a trap. I say she's hot and you think I want to f*** her when I didn't even think about that. We fight. Not going to do it." She says, "I wouldn't mind if you f***** her. H*** I'd get naked and join in." I said, "You've seen her naked?" She says, "Well yeah. We've been friends for 20 years. We've seen each other naked plenty of times." I said, "You never said anything about being attracted to women." She said, "Well for one you never asked and I'm not attracted to all women but if I wasn't married, Heather and I would probably be together." I said, "Ok. She's pretty hot." She said, "Would you f*** her?" I said, "No. I'm married." She said, "I'm telling you right now you have permission." I said, "Well if I had the opportunity then maybe." She said, "Keep her drinking and keep flirting and you will."


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  • Going to go for it????!??

  • Andddd... That's it? I guess nothing happened that night. Hopefully you have a good story to follow later.

  • Nyeeece

  • Lucky b******.

  • H*** yea

  • F*** yeah!

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