I walked in on my aunt naked having an o*****. I wanted to join but was nervous so I just watched. If I ever get another chance what should I do?

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  • When I was 15 I walked on my semi naked aunt. It was her birthday. I was spending the summer in her house. I wanted to say happy birthday before she left for work. My uncle was in the bathroom. She was in her bedroom in front of a mirror blow drying her hair. She was 24. I got to say happy birthday but when I saw her braless in panties only I got embarrassed and backed up but she turned around and asked me to come in. She was saying thank you when my uncle came out of the bathroom. I got even more embarrassed and left their bedroom but got to hear them arguing. I have always had a fetish for my aunt. She was voluptuous, with dark skin and huge t***. I remember she used to tell me she had to buy 32-C size bra. I jerked off a lot thinking of her.

  • That's forbidden in religion.fear GOD

  • When I was staying at my aunt's house, I walked in on her as she was fingering herself. She smiled, patted the sofa and told be to sit by her. Before long, she was tongue-kissing me and had her hand in my trousers. To cut a long story, I ended up ploughing her love-nest and c****** up her. After that first time, she wanted me every night. I was 14 at the time. That was 8 years ago, and she lets me use her whenever I visit her.

  • Come in a sock!

  • Bull. S***.

  • I don't see why not.

  • Ok I did it and was so good i started by sucking on her p**** upset and ass and she came so much

  • What I mean is try to have s** with her.

  • And also let us know if you do.

  • Go 4 it

  • Lick on her if u can

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