I'm a mother of two 1 yr olds my life is going very well. But I can't help but feeling unhappy, miserable and depressed all
The time. I cry everyday and I always over think situations can't really figure out what's wrong!!

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  • I think you are selfish. at least you have kids been married, i have never been allowed to and crave a husband and children. why don't you let me take them and you can be single again?

  • Dumb ass!! She maybe suffering from;
    post-natal depression!

    Instead of being unsympathetic and focused on your own selfish desires to become a wife and mother yourself,
    try being humane and compassionate!

    This woman appears to need medical support and guidance, not judgement and enviable bitterness!

  • You need a little more "big people time" so every moment isn't spent with the babies. Close, female friend of mine, after being home for months with her baby, started asking me to take her for lunch or a quick day drink just to get out of the house. I made her happy one day, and paid for a haircut and get her nails done, to give her the feeling of still being beautiful while also a mom.

    Another day, she was happy just to go to a local boat launch dock, and look at the water for a bit. Anything to break up the day to day, constant, I love my son, but also need some adult interaction, time. Trying to figure out how to get her back into doing modeling shoots, as she'd done a few before having the baby.

    Pick up a hobby that makes you happy, and pursue it. Will make you a better mom if you feel more fulfilled and satisfied.

  • Luckily I have experience with single mom's Emil me president2k5@icloud.com

  • Thanks for all the advise. I will seek further help from the doctor.

  • Seek advice and support from your doctor

  • Postpartum is from seeing all the options you used to have dissapear..

  • Sweetheart, I understand what you are going through, go see a docter and talk to someone! Motherhood is very overwhelming. Don't beat yourself up over it! ASK for help, you are not alone in this. Big hug

  • PND

  • Postpartum depression go see dr

  • ^ so much this. It's ok. You're not a bad person. You just need to be pointed in the right direction to get better. <3

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