Loosing my mind

I'm a mid 50s married man.. I have a good job.... nice home and basically a good life. And a lifetime of being miserable.
Everyday I think about having s** with a man. I have a couple of toys and use them every chance I get. I practice deep throating them. I use them anally and wish I could feel them c** in me. I fantasize about a man coming along and mentally leading me down a path that would cause me to give up everything just to have his c***.
I have been with three men over my lifetime. Each time I e********* the instant their c**** touched my mouth. All three were short term "affairs" with none of them able to detect the inner submissive nature to lead me down the path. I have had every fantasy possible from being used as a personal c** dump, to a "sissy" s***. My mind can go for hours about things I wish I could find a way to do. But my mind goes blank when asking why I don't change things.

Nov 27, 2016

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  • I'm not into the sissy stuff, personally, but I can TOTALLY make you into a c** dump. It will be your heaven.

  • Since when is being homosexual, being a sissy?! If you're referring to sexual acts that maybe performed, I'll educate you.
    Not all gay individuals participate in oral or/and a*** play. Just like some heterosexual individuals.

    Also, some heterosexual people may like oral and/or a*** play, regardless of their gender. So would that mean they're sissies?
    It's an individual preference.

    And not all individuals are sexually attracted to anyone. Some don't feel those particular emotions and some people just don't like s** in general.Some prefer to remain celibate and so forth.

    So when you stated "Sissy stuff" what were you referring to?

  • Go to a gay bar and talk to the men there. It won't take long to find one who will lead you down the path you want so desperately to be on.

  • God, you are so hot. I'm a 27yo gay man and I would love to hook up with someone like you and ruin you for your wife: when I got done with you, you would never want your wife again. In fact, I'd do you so good you wouldn't even be able to remember her f****** name. The s** would be so hot and filthy that you could never go home to your family. I'm dating a 41yo married guy right now, but he doesn't have much money. You sound like you could really love a man like me and could really take care of him. That's what you need: a young guy to spoil and to f*** like an animal in nasty heat.

  • It's losing not loosing. What's wrong with you morons?

  • They're loosers lol

  • I'm sorry to be blunt but I think it's necessary. You need to stop wasting time. You've wasted too much of your life already, waiting for the right partner to come along. You know that your wife will never be what you want, and you know she can't give you what you need. You're at an age where you can still attract young men, and that's what you want and need. But you won't be for much longer. You can't wait for one of those young men to come along and recognize what your needs are and supply them. You have to go out and find one. Or two. Or three. The world is not what it was and the view of homosexuality is not what it was when you were in your twenties and fantasizing about c**** in your hands and mouth and throat and ass. Had you admitted your desires then, you'd've been a "f**". No longer. What you want is acceptable, and there are thousands of men in their 20s and 30s -- nearby where you live -- that want to give you your dream. They want to take over your life and control your c*** and have you take care of them, sexually and romantically and financially. And as for your marriage, you certainly could end it yourself before you begin your search for these men, but let me be candid: there are a lot of gay men who would love to end your marriage for you. To step in and tell your wife, "Your husband belongs to me, now: he's my property, and you are HISTORY!" Go find a man like that, who is ALL man, and let him take over your life and use it to his advantage. Let him blow up your marriage. You will love him, and he will love you, and your life can be what you want it to be. Only then can it be what you want. Stop waiting. Stop wasting time.

  • Yes, whatever you do, don't deprive some lucky young boy of the joy of going to your wife and declaring his ownership of you, your body and your life. I've been in that position twice (so far!) with older men and I loved that SOOOOO much and it was such a hot and sexy thing to do. I hope you share that with some young boy you fall in love with. It's too delicious to pass up. Please give that pleasure to someone you love.

  • I'm 22 and your the exact right age for me and for a lot of gay men my age. (I may even be young than your children, and that is ALWAYS super sexy!) We all know how to take care of married men and we love burning their marriages to the ground and humiliating their wives. You would look so good and feel so powerful with a guy my age hanging on you out in public, and we know how to focus attention on you and make our appearance all about you. Please start hunting. We want you to capture us. You need to be f****** something that knows how to f*** back. Your wife can't do that.

  • Yes the women lose interest in us.
    Take our money.
    Sap our life.

  • Yes, some men lose interest and want to f*** members of our family, instead of us!
    They want to f*** all our holes and drain us of our youth!

  • Idiot!

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