So my birth parents are divorced. I live with my dad and his wife. I'm 20. My step mom has a 22 year old son. We both live at home and attend a 4 year university. We share a loft room upstairs.

So about 3 months ago I come home. I go upstairs and walk into our room and Andrew is laying on his bed j********** to gay p***. Didn't even throw a cover on himself. He said, "Oh hey bro. Didn't think you'd be home till later." I said, "I didn't know you were gay." He said, "Not all the way gay. I'm bi. May as well be gay tho. I'm not interested in moody chicks as of late." I couldn't help but stare at his c***. It's about 7.5 inches (yep we have measured each other since). He said, "So, you gonna look at it or come over here with me." I said, "What makes you think I'm bi?" He said, "You admiring my d***. If you wanna fool around cool otherwise let me finish j**********."

So I got naked and got in bed with him. I've played with other guys a few times. I enjoyed it but have always been a bit paranoid about ppl knowing about it. We sucked each other off that day. Was pretty hot. Now here we are 6 months later and we have s** damn near every night. Can't help it. Both of us are h**** as h***, willing and able.

Nov 27, 2016

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  • Sexy guys having fun. Nothing wrong.

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