Working for a company thats going to lay you off eventually

I worked for a toy warehouse as a warehouseman and it was a small operation. This company merged with another company and the person at the other company had senority and they said they couldn't use both of us. I got bumped big time.

They wanted me to stay around until the merger was finished and then train and help the new guy for awhile. I didn't like this arrangement one bit. I was fifty-eight years old and I had been with this turkey of a company for six years. Finding a job would be very difficult at that age and time was catching up with me both mentally and physically.

OK, the inevitable happened and I was let go. Apparently, I had done something right because they wanted me to continue working Saturdays. This suggestion of theirs was absurd. This would have interfered with my unemployment benefits, not t mention that the distance from my house to this company was just under forty miles. The money was paltry and they didn't deserve it. I said nothing just looking into empty space.

After this happened I had readjustment problems being fired three times before finally finding work with the state.

I kept up with my old co-workers and five years later the company went out of business. Had they not had this damn merger I would have been able to work till I was old enough to quit. I would have been sixty-three.

As it was I was able to work three and a half more years with the state and guess what? They laid me and several other workers off. Out the door, I walked again. This time forever. I was too old to go to work anywhere else.

I was able to collect unemployment for eleven months and I collected it until I was able to collect social security and inherited some money from my family.

I never have to work again but the memories are painful and even though I'm set for life the memory is still acute and painful.

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  • Pretend this was written by a millennial. Still a "Bs post"? Ageist.

  • Behold crapitalism! It sucks material resources from the earth, and years from life; and when nothing ls left, it walks from the hollow remains of both.

    People should refuse to be retained as hostages to this systemic malfeasance.

  • Oh go communism. Great idea.

    Till we realise the workers are opressed.
    People starve. Innovation is copy from the west. Dissenters are sent to jail and those in power get really insanely rich.

  • It's guts everyone when people have to be let go. I had to make a couple of people redundant in my company. Hardest thing. They hurt. I hurt.

    Then you get some selfish employee who acuses you of something.

  • I'm really sorry that was so traumatic for you. I don't believe any company really cares for its employees, just the way it is.

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