Is she into me?

I'm a professor at a college, and I've been noticing this one student. She's been eyeing me down a lot lately. Whenever I'm on duty, I see her walking past me biting her lip, sucking a lollipop and looking at me at the same time. She's been wearing tight jeans tucked into her shirts showing off her huge ass. I have to admit, I do have a little crush on her but, are these signs she's giving obvious that she likes me?

Nov 30, 2016

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  • It doesn't matter if she is or isn't! You're a teacher albeit Professor and she is a student!! There's boundaries for a reason!

    Fair enough, she isn't a minor and neither are you! But if she's a student in your class and not finishing College for another few years, don't f*** her! Wait until she's finished her College education and if you both are interested in each other still, it no longer matters if you pursue each other!

    Don't let your d*** or p****, dictate your logically reasoning!

  • Sorry this is bullshit, and the reason I have to go on is your a f****** college professor but you can't tell 8f a girl sucking a sucker and staring you in the eyes more than once isn't flirting? Horse s***. If I knew this wasn't horseshit I'd warn you of it being a trap. If her grades are s*** just hit it raise them and don't catch feelings for a slurry college girl who hits on professors to up her grade

  • Why are you asking. Go for it. Take her for a drink or dinner. You will know in 10 minutes. Next time she walks by offer her a lollipop

  • Either she's really into you and trying to get your attention, or she's getting a kick out of teasing you.

  • True

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