Not for the faint at heart.

Its been almost 1 year now. Last december I was involved in a patrol in the middle east that was hit by a Improvised explosive device (IED). 3 friends of mine were killed during the blast and I was tasked to clear the site and evac their remains. Their was a diesel spill by one that I was worried about so another and I removed him by removing a pinned limb. Looking back on it I cant help but think it was completely unnecesary. there wasnt any immediate fire risk, or anything of that sort. It pains me deeply when I heard that his family and friends had heard what happened. I just dont know if it was the right call and I cant stand the thought of his spouse and kids being disgusted with me. Thats only 1 of the 3. The flashbacks are really f****** me up some days. I dont know what im trying to accomplish by writing this but I needed to get it off my chest. thanks.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Thank you for living through that horrible nightmare for all of our sakes. I'm sure you made the right choice. If it had been my family member who had lost a limb that way, I would just be forever grateful that they were home safe with me.

  • Dude I'm in Iraq right now and you just did what you had to do - it's that simple. If it was me, and I were dead, I wouldn't give two s**** about you taking off whatever to get me out (well maybe if it was my d***, but it's so small it probably wouldn't get stuck anywhere!) Neither would my family. Rock on man and DO NOT worry about it one more minute. Later.

  • Thank you for your service to our country.

    May GOD bless you.

  • When soldiers signed up, its impossible to know the level of butchery you will see. There will be good days and bad days. When a small child comes to you and shows his appreciation it'll melt your heart, but at the same time is he a walking bomb?

    EMT's and firemen and the like see this stuff occasionally too. Its terrible to say but that's life.

    I'm sorry you have seen what you have seen.

    After the world wars the mantra was 'Never Again'. We just don't learn our lessons.

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