Discovered husband's kink

So I get home from grocery shopping yesterday evening to find my husband with his pants around his ankles, tool in hand, watching p*** on his laptop in his den. That, in itself, upset me a little, but I can understand it. Guys like p***.

What really upset me was what he was watching. I learned he is into interracial stuff, especially white guys f****** black women. I told him to show me what he was watching, and he did, along with the videos he had bookmarked. They were all vids of white on black s**, sometimes even in groups.

As a white woman, this whole thing makes me unnerved. I think my husband would rather have someone black than me. This whole thing is a major buzkill to our relationship. I don't know if I can really feel that he desires me when he only gets ramped up by looking at black women. He is cheating on me with his mind.

Dec 3, 2016

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  • He just wants variety. Get a big black d**** and let him catch you using it while watching interracial p***. Then cheer up.

  • I like chubby women but married a 110 pound stick. Because I love her. Shes the hottest person in the world even if she's a skeleton. Because she's my skeleton. Your husband may prefer black women but your his cracker.

  • Get over yourself .

  • Every guy has his "thing" that gets him going. As long as you benefit in bed, don't complain. He's not going elsewhere or cheating on you; Maybe he uses what he watches to get going for you..Or, you got lazy and stopped working at pleasing him, prompting need to seek mental satisfaction on his laptop.

    My ex wife was never into s**.. Or good at it. So, yeah..When we did get together on those rare occasions, I needed a little oomph to rev me up just to have s** with such a dead fish. I'd say soft p*** or fetishes I was into got me through. She knew I had some stuff on my computer, but probably not to the extent I had. Never once cheated on her, though.

  • Yet again, a dumbass is assuming the woman isn't pleasing her man enough and that's why he's watching open and so forth!! There's two people in this relationship, douchebag and it takes effort from both parties, to keep the their s** life alive!! It's not just down to the female, you f*******!!

    And secondly, just because this guy wanks and views p***, doesnt mean he's not getting any s** from the Mrs and it doesn't mean, the s** isn't great!

    I'm sick of stupid ass men, who have these ignorant, chauvinistic opinions!!

    And what if her hubby is actually the lazy f*** in bed, because he's addicted to p***!!

  • He didn't assume anything you over-zealous b****. He used "OR" and contemplated both sides being at issue. Then he gave his personal story. Yu are the chauvanist here, projecting your man hate, letting it interfere with your reading comprehension.

  • Every man is into p*** calm down take a chill pill I know it's not the cure to having a husband that loves the colors black and white while it's in p*** but jeez calm down listen to the song everything is gonna be alright by Bob Marley and master bate and make sure he walks in

  • Not every man likes p***. It's stupid to make that assumption, when you don't know every man on earth

  • That isnt kink stop being a prude......youre the buzz kill....

  • She has a point

  • Or he has a point I don't know if your a boy or girl

  • As a man who is into p***, I assure you this has nothing to do with his attraction towards you. I have a few kinks I turn to p*** for, some of which my wife knows about, but she's still #1 for me. None of them are things that I actually want in my life or that I would trade what I have now. There's just a temporary thrill of something different or taboo. It's unlikely that any man gets ramped up by only one variety of women, and some kinks are just phase. When my wife started expressing interest in my sexual desires, even knowing up front that she couldn't fulfill some of them, I started to desire her even more. The ability to be completely open with her sexually is the biggest turn on there is. Once in a while I'll get off looking at something completely different, but it's just looking. That's all it will ever be, and we both know that. Just talk to your husband. Put all mistrust and insecurities aside and find out what's going on in his head. I'm willing to bet you still have the power to drive him wild more than anything else.

  • Stop it! I am a white female, and before I got married I made sure I sucked and f**ked ever type of d**k out there, just to be sure I knew what I wanted. And guess what? I married a Chinese guy, the one with the smallest p****. I love s**, I need s** and I want s**, its ten years into our marriage and we do it at least 3-4 times a week, at his job, my job, in the car, the theaters, etc, anywhere you can imagine..

  • That's funny as h***.

  • I have a similar issue. I found my boyfriends p*** and now I know what he's into, I don't think he could ever desire me that way. It's killed our s** life and is killing us

  • Ayy dont worry he a filthy person. Never saw any black p*** in my life...its always white. I hate black p*****

  • I'm a woman and in a loving hetero relationship. I love watching gay and lesbian p***, that's my kink!

    My man loves Asian and Indian p***. It doesn't bother me!

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