Dared to bare

My dare was to reserve a movie from the Redbox machine and leave my house completely naked drive to the Redbox and pick up the movie then head home. Well the dare sounded amusing so I did it. I undressed and went online picked a movie and walked out the door. Got in my car and drove the few blocks to the store where the Redbox was situated. Now the streets weren’t very full of cars luckily but I did hit a red light and the car next to me kinda got the gist of my attire. I’m pretty sure that looking in at her angle she couldn’t see anything but did see enough since she had this half surprised half laughter expression, I only got a quick look since luckily the light changed and I just drove lol I faced forward only glanced at her so yeah lol Anyway I got to the store and parked, ran the maybe twenty feet to the entrance and the automatic doors took forever I just stood there hands across my chest waiting and telling them to hurry. After what felt like five minutes (it was only like five seconds) I walked into the small room, it was one of those you walk into the doors only to walk into a second set of doors to actually be in the store. The lights were completely bright and it was all glass so of course the cash registers facing the box got a clear view, I didn’t notice though as I was just hurrying to leave, after I got the movie I ran out of there jumped in the car and drove back.

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  • I worked 3rd shift at a gas station when I was 20 years old. Had a lady come in one night to buy a pack of cigarettes and she was buck ass naked. I mean she had no panties and no bra buck ass naked. She didn't even try to cover herself, she asked for the cigarettes, paid, and left.

  • I forced my wife to go out into our back yard in the nude at night. She'd never do what you claim to have done

  • How did she feel about doing that? why did you force her

  • Really?

  • Wow your so brave I wouldn't even do that for a kit Kat bar

  • You should see what id do for a Klondike bar lmao jk

  • That sounds so exciting! I wish I had as much nerve as you did! Brava!

  • Lol thank you!

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