How was I so blind to ignore all this..

Every night I look in the mirror while brushing my teeth and I get into this strange mindset. I cannot believe it was dfrg trgt rgv effg rhr the gud rrgo rog ruf ffi fibmgi fkfk firthr jfkhif ffieeow dovvdk diig fkfjtb figgme dkeem fkeoco fmti giwm fighr gigmd goifm gldif gkfid gieodo foeor food fodod fitn fif girhd fksn feeri mfif fmei dmwwiv neig fitjt fidjef oodfdjf jfeifj eifj ei fjeif eis forfj a and yeah, ish.

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  • The letter "f" appears frequently in your text. That's a sign of something missing in your life.

  • Ah Now I know Exactly what mindset you were in..

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