Diary Entry #from my diary, shared on the enternet from 16yr girl

Diary Entry #1
One day i was dfrg trgt rgv effg rhr the gud rrgo rog ruf ffi fibmgi fkfk firthr jfkhif ffieeow dovvdk diig fkfjtb figgme dkeem fkeoco fmti giwm fighr gigmd goifm gldif gkfid gieodo foeor food fodod fitn fif girhd fksn feeri mfif fmei dmwwiv neig fitjt fidjef oodfdjf jfeifj eifj ei fjeif eis forfj a and yeah, im just starting from random word to start my ish. so. i like this boy he is native american and we live in canada tho. so i go to school with him. it is almost the end of the year for school . i spotted him on the first day of school and he is the only one i notice at school. im always keeping my eyes out for him and when i find him i act like i dont see him but its obvious that im doing badly at that. but he had my full attention and he is tall , brown , long haired. with braided hair everyday . like i said he is native , it's common for natives guys to have long hair. and im bad at flirting, but im good looking but overweight but some how im still wanted ;) cuz im told im very cute. very very very often. so . since im good looking i should go for it eh ? lol wrong. im a shy girl. just a bit. ive grown out of it since two years, ive been more talkitive. but that doesnt help when i wanna talk to a cute boy i like and want. i get nervous cuz the things i say might just be weird , uncomfortable, or awkward. i have a fear of talking to new people. and im a loser in reallife. im a girl and i play video games. and yeah. i just wish i had i bit of more expierence of talking to boys i like. lol im not saying ive never kissed a boy or even had a boyfriend cuz i did. i was slutting around in summer. but that still dont help when it comes to the cutest boy i've ever seen. kk thanks for reading. plz give me adivice. i will be keep on a look out for advice. FUKK HATER COMMENTS .. my word, hater comments is like tryna act cool. NO ONE GIVES A DAMN.
The end :)


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