Got Friend's Wife Pregnant

My friends tried artificial insemination a several times. It did not work. I supplied 2 donations. Their doctor speaking as friend told them to find a suitable male to do it the natural way. I was asked and accepted. I had no trouble getting her pregnant the natural way. I and the couple are still best friends after 25 years. The kids do not know. Friends and family members of all 3 of us do not know. The 3 of us are very private people so what goes on in the bedroom stays in the bedroom. The kids are the only proof of what happened.

Dec 6, 2016

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  • I have NI several.

  • What a sick scenario this is. Imagine if the kids find out. They're whole existence is a lie.

  • We did the opposite. My wife was not getting pregnant from me. We did not have the money for ivf. We spoke to a married couple and the husband f***** my wife and she got pregnant. he had to do her about five times and then two years later he did it again. The four of us are the only ones who know.

  • Do you have a wife and kids of your own?

  • I am totally jealous...I have been looking for a deal like that for years. I so want to knock up a married woman. I have kids but would love to get a married woman pregnant,even if its to help a couple have a family. Good for all of you.

  • You can get me pregnant. I'm very h**** and very fertile. i'm just waiting for a man to force his d*** in my little p**** and fill me up with sperm.

  • You want black c***? I would love busting in a fertile white p****

  • Instead of just being jealous, maybe you will be interested in what we are seeking. My wife and I are seeking a third man to join our marriage on a long term permanent basis. She is a beautiful 28 year old filipina woman. I am a 46 year old white man with a very small d***, barely 4" fully erect. She has a very small tight p**** and she says I satisfy her sexually: however, we have both agreed to find another man with a much bigger c*** to give her sexual satisfaction she has never experienced. We want this man to join our marriage permanently as her second husband and to be the alpha male in our marriage. This will work beautifully because I am a very submissive man and love the idea of another man exerting his authority over her and I. We are not interested in some man to just have casual s** and then move on. If interested, please email me at

  • Kids? You did this how many times?

  • 2 donations I think he said

  • We had a buddy help us to our condo when we were all out drinking and she confused him for me when he helped her to the bedroom and said "if you want to f*** me you better hurry before i pass out" Well, he thought she was talking to him and as i rested on the couch, he filled her 2 times even after she said, it feels bigger tonight, make sure you get me pregnant this time! in the morning we were shocked when he walked out of the bathroom with a swollen and hung c***. she was speechless and then showed me her dripping p**** as he walked to her and held is c*** to her face. She looked over at me and then turned to him and got him hard as he winked at me then turned her around and pounded her doggie style as she looked at me in disbelief. when he started becoming assertive and asking her to beg him to breed her, she finally gave in when she saw my c*** stiffen and said "Oh yes, plant your seed in me....I want your child not my husbands". He filled her and i came on her mouth as he did. She made me promise to not c** in her until she was pregnant. Its been years and we never speak about it, he just shows up at times, walks into the house, grabs her arm and takes her where ever he wants and always c*** in her p****. One time he did it when we had a guest over, she made up a lame excuse where they went but the look on her face was obvious.

  • Did he ever get her pregnant?

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