I once had ** with a guy in a back room of a party and got caught bye his girl friends. He heard her searching through the bedroom and he grab his clothes and jumped out the window. She pulled me out of the bedroom with her girl friends with no clothes on to humiliate me, holding my arms telling me to keep my legs spread. I remember they sexally degraded me by bending me over and anally sodomized me with a beer bottle before letting me go. They through me outdide along with my clothes, got dressed and ran away as fast as I could and embarrassment kept me from reporting it.

May 2

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  • I hope you are ok. I am transwoman and I was beaten up by the wife of guy I was dating (he told me he was single!). After she overpowered me she pulled up my skirt, pulled down my tights and **. When she saw I was trans, she ground her heel into my ** and subjected me to transphobic and homophobic abuse. I remember how weak I was physically and vulnerable emotionally after the assault. Sending you love.

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