Nothing in common

I been seeing this girl for about 3 weeks and now she's telling everyone she's my girlfriend. How do I tell her that she's nothing but a warm wet hole to me?

Dec 6, 2016

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  • I just need a real d*** to f***, besides my d****. You can just lay there, keep immobile and quiet, whilst I achieve my o*****! They you can f****** leave, until the next time! I don't want to know you or even talk to you, I just want your d***! Does that sound appealing? No strings attached, as I'm not interested in anything serious, I just want your d***, nothing more and nothing less! You never get ED do you? Never mind, I could give you some v*****. We could meet at a hotel, as I don't want yo be seen with you in public, no offense.
    What do you think? Ps I'd bring the condoms and lube

  • When I just want a c*** to ride, I use my monster 10inch d****. I don't need a man, when I have toys that give me pleasure, every time.
    I don't use random men for s**, when the urge takes over. I think it's wrong to deceive and lead people on.

    If all you wanted from this girl, is her v*****, maybe you should've been honest and clear with her, from the beginning, no bullshitting around!!

  • I have no issues with giving your girl a bit of a smack when she disobeys but I have a real problem with her not understanding her position. You need to be honest with her!

  • Instead of using an actually person with real emotions for your sexual needs, why not buy a silicone s** doll to f***!!
    At least you can use them for your sexual pleasures and they don't have feelings, so they won't get attached to you!! Just a thought!!

  • Oh, you know... whenever she's around, slouch sullenly over your phone, ignoring her and avoiding even looking in her direction... hide from her, don't call, don't text... say avoidant, vague things in one syllable responses... vanish for days and weeks and months, until you're in the mood for that warm hole, then act like prince charming, cause she will most likely fall for it. In other words, just do the usual cowardly, passive aggressive wimpy chickenshiiit puuusssyyy routine we all, men and women alike, come to expect from juvenile, inept pathetic excuses for manhood like you. It's behavior we've come to expect from you.

  • Lol!! A d**** and vibrator, never deceive me and let me down sexually, they're consistent lol

  • Yikes...that's rough.
    From :imwoman

  • Just tell her exactly that. See how that goes over.

  • Wow...yikes.

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