A crush on my high school teacher with a different relationship

So some might call this a school yard crush, I won't deny it. My bio teacher is really quite attractive, I mean she is in her early twenties and is also our school's track coach, but she also has another attractive quality. I am kind of an outcast but more on this later. So every day for lunch I go into her room and eat lunch and her and I talk about some study that we decided to read. See, we made almost this book club kind of thing but instead of reading regular books, we would read scientific papers (both old and new) and we would comment on them. Every week we would spend 2 days deciding on the study to read, 2 days studying it as much as we could, then on Friday discussing the paper on how we feel it could be used to affect peoples lives, or how we would change things, or a number of other options. Honestly I have that school yard crush on her but it isn't really an unhealthy relationship from my perspective. She doesn't give me special treatment in class and although I enjoy spending time with her, during labs I interact normally with other classmates.

I said I was kind of an outcast and what I mean is I live on my own and work whenever I'm not at school so I don't have time to kill hanging out with friends or spending it on "normal" relationships. That being said when I do have free time I do spend it with people, just those people tend to be older than me and don't go to my school so I don't really have friends of my age group and I think that may also push my attraction for my teacher as many of my friends are in their early twenties too where I am 18.

I don't know, maybe you think it is wrong and that this is bad, or maybe you think that this is the most engagement a teacher could/should get with a student. I enjoy having her as a teacher and I have honestly learned more from her than I have any other teacher, so in a way, my crush drove a desire for me to learn from her maybe.

Dec 8, 2016

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  • I've read this before. So either you've posted this twice in the last year or so, or this is copied and fake

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