Blind? Or stupid?

My husband and I were married for 11 years, and have been divorced for 3 years. He's been dating this new woman for about 10 months and is now engaged to her. The thing is that she looks almost exactly like me, and he can't see it. So weird.........

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  • The question is ... who is blinder or stupider -- your ex., or the poor girl about to take up with him?

  • Fair question. LOL. He's no prize and she will soon know that. Thanks.

  • You should probably stop stocking him and just move on with your life . Its pretty clear he has

  • She isn't "stocking" him-- he isn't an aisle in a grocery store.

    Less self-righteousness and more English competency, please and thank you.

  • My friends keep pointing her pix out to me online. He can have who he wants. It's just so weird tho that she looks exactly like me and he doesn't see the resemblance.

  • Smile. You are weird still following him.

  • I don't follow him. My friends just keep showing her to me. Thanks for writing.

  • But maybe you're a bigger b**** than she is. Like maybe he liked your look a lot, but not your bitchy attitude.

  • Maybe, he was the b**** and not his ex wife!! If a heterosexual relationship/marriage breaks down, It's not always the woman's fault. Everyone is different and every relationship on earth is different. No one can ever predetermine and determine anything in life. No one knows everything!!

  • I can be a b****, to be sure, when I want. I know how. LOL. But I can turn it off, too, when I want. :)

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