Erectile problems

I have had erectile problems for a couple of years, my wife says she is of with things but I know she needs a good f******. I lick her c*** till she o****** but she finally admitted she needs a fat c***.
I got in touch with an old friend and explained the situation and he said he would be happy to help out. I arranged for him to come to the house the next day, I told him he may have to be forceful with her. I pretend to go to work but hid in the garage. I watched Paul arrive and listened at the door next to the kitchen. He pretended to work on the boiler, I heard her ask if he wanted a drink and she made coffee. He began flirting with her and then he began telling her that he would have to check the nipples and make sure the flew was clear. She got up to leave as I watch through the small window in the door, he stopped her saying you are the old boiled that needs to be serviced, she told him to f*** off but he pinned her to the table and said I am going to f*** you. She said my husband will kill you, he replied I'm still going to f*** you, now strip. She removed her top and bra her huge t*** hanging lovely, he got his c*** out and she said f*** it's huge. He turned her around pulled her kickers down and f***** her over the work top. He spunked in her, pushed her to her knees and stuck his c*** in her mouth and got hard again, spanking in her mouth. Then he said he needs a new part and would come back tomorrow and left.
I came in 15mins later and she was in the bath, I said you have already had a shower, she said you know I like a bath.
The next morning she got up and did her hair and make-up and I left and went to the garage again. Paul arrived with a friend, looked at her and said this is the part I needed, he ripped her top open mauled her t*** then both of them f***** her. They left and I came in as soon as they left. She was still naked s**** all over her and said well they have done a good job on the old boiler and she said yes, they have.
I got a h****** and f***** her for the 1st time in 2yrs


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  • Nice one how big was your friend as she mentioned in your tale "f*** it's huge"?

  • It is 9in and fat, she said it fitted her c*** well but made her jaw hurt when she sucked him off but wants more

  • All's well that ends well I suppose.

  • It's nice to know, you managed to get a h****** and pleasure your wife again, after two years. However, if your erectile dysfunction condition recommences, please seek medical advice/support or visit your local Pharmacy, for a dose of V*****.

    Or continue doing, what you're doing lol

  • I think we will continue, we both like the situation, watching her getting f***** make me hard and she loves getting f***** by several men and then me

  • Beautiful story. Thanks for sharing.

  • What's beautiful about it lol?

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