My boyfriend dad

So im 17 and i was starting the night at my boyfriend house i was asleep in bed with him i like to sleep in my underwear to. win i feel fingers in my p**** and one in my b******* it feels nice after a bit i looked over to see the time it was 320 am but more importantly i seen my boyfriend dad and he was in me it was kinda a trun on seeing the out line of his d*** in his underwear i move my leg to give him a better shot at me after a bit i squirted i got up we went into the hallway whare he f*** the s*** out of me i got off 4 time before he nutted in me . Didn't even clean up i just win back to bed my boyfriend woke up will i was trying to get to sleep he started running my p**** so i ask him to eat my p**** he did that was even hotter know wat he was eating thin he got on top and start f****** i look over and seen his dad Peking past door so i put on a little show for him really getting in to it after a bit my boyfriend said he was about to c** i beg him to c** in me he did i feel several pumps of c** go in me after he wiped off with a stick and went back to sleep i went back out in the hall way i ask his dad if he liked what he seen he answered with a kiss thin he was b**** deep in me again it was the best night of s** i had had


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