Multiple Personalities

I confess that I pretend to have multiple personality disorder, just to be mean to people which is who I really am. Yet everyone thinks I'm a goodie two shoes.

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  • Awesome My Post Got To The Trending! Hells yeah!

  • I'm a he fyi

  • I'd like to dig deep inside your mind. I'd use hypnosis to ply your 'personalities,' to understand them deeply, and to accentuate their differences. I'd make those personalities more 'real' to you so that you couldn't tell whether or not you were pretending. Then I'd convince you that these personalities are real.

    I'd use repeat reinforcement based on your deepest fears and strongest desires to condition you to respond automatically. I would also sexualize this process, addict you to hypnosis, and give you tremendous release from obeying instructions. I'd have you practice switching between personalities on my given signal.

    Moreover, I would train your second personality to begin corrupting your goodie two-shoes personality at the sub-conscience level. Then I would split your second personality to a third, and have it ally to the second to double the assault on goodie two-shoes.

    I would make it a struggle for goodie two-shoes to remember who she is. I would erode her conscience, make her forget what it is to be nice, forget social norms, reward meanness, and tempt her to ever darker ways. I will also make her believe that meanness is good, right, proper and to be rewarded with great pleasure. Niceness will be treated as the opposite.

    Pique your interest?

  • I'd use Psychology and Psychiatry, instead of Hypnosis x

  • Which one of your personalities wrote this?

  • My normal, the original, goodie two shoes. Over winter break so far my personalities have been real. I black out and "wake up" somewhere else.

  • That you 'black out and "wake up' somewhere else' leads me to ask whether this personality disorder is more real than not. Although I wrote the longer post [above], my thoughts are that you might consider seeking professional help for this. Multiple personality disorder is a serious health condition. I recommend that you look into this.

  • Sorry I lied, my "other personality" can only lie, which is what I always do to get attention

  • Multiple personality disorder is fake and was invented by crazy people and perpetuated by doctors. There's no such thing and anyone who says they are suffering from it or diagnosed with it is delusional.

  • Crazy people inventing fake disorders ... Hmmm. Now there's a bright-burning bulb for you ... ;)

  • Cool

  • That's what you think.

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