I have ED

But I'm not ashamed or embarrassed by it. I don't let my limpness stop me cause it does feel good to bang a girl with my wet noodle. Idon't care if the girls dont like it I keep going with my floppy self.

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  • Well, I feel sorry for the women you "try!" to f***, with your wet noodle lol 💩 No satisfaction for them.
    Achieving an o***** with a wet noodle for a p****, must be difficult lol

  • My hubby has ED. I've seen him have an o***** while limp. Weird, really.

  • Good for him, but not so good for you. Stick to vibrators and d****'s lol

  • Really weird I don't get it

  • Whatever

  • Idiot

  • Have you ever tried V***** or Cialis? You're missing so much.........

  • Hey, if you're cool with it, more power to you.

  • He probably is cool with it. But the women he tries poking with his wet noodle, may state differently lol

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