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Okay soooo.. I recently got out of a relationship with someone who I dated for almost a year. The whole relationship was long distance, but we made it work really well. I would fly out there and visit for a week pretty much once a month, and we would spend a few days in a hotel. I never doubted his faithfulness once in the relationship, nor did he, so the trust was amazing the whole time. Also, we had suuuuch a passionate and loving relationship so things were always great between us. However, towards the end of our relationship, he started missing home so much that it made him doubt/ question us and his whole life, so we broke up. Since then, we have snap chatted and texted here and there, always being friendly and sometimes flirty. Now, he's home for christmas and we saw each other the other night and things were amazing. Until I saw him I was thinking that I was fully over him, but seeing him made me fall all over again. So, that night we were kinda flirting here and there, and he pulled me up to dance with me and it honestly felt like we were an old married couple and still enjoying sweet little things like that, and there were a couple points where he would get pretty close and I thought he was going to kiss me. After that, we had some time to ourselves and we had a long talk and he basically made sure I understood why we had to break up, which I really admired that he did because he always makes sure I know what his intentions were so I'm not upset or hurt. So we were talking and I basically said I was annoyed with him (jokingly) because I had just gotten over him and now he was there and I wasn't over him anymore, and he says "well if it makes you feel better I never stopped missing you.".. so today he came into my work and left a flirty note on the bottom of the receipt and his phone number... So I am soooo not over him and I do want to get back together with him, then the fact that our whole relationship was so good and even our breakup was handled so maturely, just completely solidifies the love I still have for him. The only drawback is that I plan on moving away from here, at least for a little while, and once he leaves where he lives, he's planning on moving back here and not leaving. I guess I could just use some input or thoughts on this? I know that if it's meant to happen, it'll happen, and we will both be in the same place at the same time and maybe the timing isn't right right now..

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  • I don't really see any problem. If y'all broke up before, and you got over it without a problem, then you probably can do the same if the need arises again.

  • Thats true. i just feel how good we are together when we are and it makes me feel like maybe i shouldn't completely give up, ya know?

  • You sound young and in love which is sweet, but don't give up on the plans you have made, for anyone else. Go experience life , believe me if you change your plans in life for someone else your relationship will end bitterly as you will end up resenting him.

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