I am going to be your wife one day

Just wait and see.

Dec 23, 2016

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  • I'm already my partner's wife and he does know it. You don't need a ceremony and piece of paper stating this. Commitment comes from love, the heart, soul and mind. A ceremony is an option and that's cool. But in my opinion, if a couple are committed to each other, a marriage ceremony is irrelevant. Each to their own, this is my personal opinion and I'm not judging those that disagree and believe differently :-)

    Each to their own

  • ^THIS.

    I know happy people who live together by choice, with no legal binding or kids to reinforce that.

    I know FAR MORE "properly married" couples who only exist that way as a facade for the rest of the world, but have separate lives and probably don't have much to do with each other aside from the same mailing address (and sometimes not even that). This is so much more common than people want to think. Just sift through some of these confessions posted by one half of a married couple, as one small example.

    As in most areas of life, it's the second group that tends to be far more judgmental because their lives are a misery but APPEAR to be "proper". People just love to pretend to be they're something they're not, and heap their unhappiness onto those who don't look as "put together" as they themselves seem.

    That's why I laugh so long and hard at people who look perfect but just have to be jerks to anyone they perceive as "lesser"-- they're the real losers!

  • I feel exactly the same about a married guy I know. He's married to one of my friends at work, and I love him, and I am working toward making him mine.

  • Firstly, you aren't a friend at all, to the woman you intend to betray, by stealing her husband! Don't be a fool and state otherwise!

    Secondly, If this is how you treat your friend's, I dread to think, "how you treat your enemies!"

  • For me, the man I love is married to my first cousin (and best friend). And my plan is to divide them and then take him for myself. I even have a plan. I just haven't started to implement it yet. But doing that is the first of my New Year's Resolutions.

  • She maybe your cousin, but you aren't best friend's! Be truthful to yourself!

  • I'm waiting patiently.

  • Do u know who u r waiting for? Lol

  • Lol a rainbow ๐ŸŒˆ with a pot of gold, at the end of it

  • I hope that he at least knows how you feel and I hope the feeling is returned.

  • I disagree. Why pursue and attempt to take a "taken man!" away from his wife. Find a man of your own, "that's single!"

    All I can say is, I hope he's a decent man, loyal and loving! These sort of people won't betray their other halves, especially if they're happy in their relationships!

    You're a fool!

  • I agree^. I hope the same.

  • I don't agree, "hussies!"

  • Does he know?!!

  • He does and he love's his wife, not me. But I want him!


    *sad trombone*

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