Sameeeee (My Literally Idiotic Step Dad)

OH my goodness same, my step dad is actually not a bad person. In fact, he was like the coolest person ever when we first met, he was nice to everyone but I noticed, he was kind of dumb and slow. A few months later my mom gets married to this idiot, and now life in the house is just annoying at times. I know it's nothing really but it still p***** me off. He excludes my little niece from everything, he doesn't like her because she acts up, mind you, she's only 4 years old, and her biological daughter acts even worse and she's 3. He favors her daughter over like everyone and he's so stubborn, and slow, and makes me just annoyed. He's actually, literally slow, I'm not even insulting him, he's like literally dumb. He thinks he cool like seriously. Whenever he's talking to my real dad, he tries to act all cool and start a conversation and says all these "cool" things when my real dad is picking me up, and my dad doesn't even understand half of what he says. My real dad knows my step dad is dumb which is actually funny. My step dad really thinks he cool with him or something, at least that's what I assume. Anyways enough said, that's all I had on my mind.

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