What we don't need..

My mom just spent $150 on s** toys with money that we really need for more important things. she doesn't think i know what a "toy party" is. i wish she would stop, because this is her second time too. D:

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  • O****** D:

  • that sucks i could buy a lot of stuff with that kind of money. so i know what you mean....... lol.
    but hey its her money she can do whatever the h*** she wants.

  • That much money could have easily been spent on a classy pair of shoes or a evening gown.

    Sexual happiness is really needed sometimes. Have you thought about why she feels the need for these toys? Also, the sales person might be awesome at their job.

  • What good is a gown r shoes when her little p**** is itchy

  • L****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Let your mom get hers, I bet she would be much more crabby if she wasn't getting off. . .am I right? Besides, $150 really isn't s*** when buying s** toys, especially when you want the good ones.

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