Date Night Fantasy

I want to confess to my husband but I'm not sure how he will take it. I want to invite one of my coworkers over to join us on date night but I'm not sure how he would take it since it would be another guy. I'm not a cheater so I would never do anything outside our marriage. I fantasize about my coworker being with us when hubby and I have s** but never tell him what's getting me so turned on. He thinks it's just him and I don't want to bruise his ego. I know I need to tell him but not sure how. I'll make it a goal for 2017 to tell him!!!

Dec 29, 2016

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  • I'm 60 and my wife is 50, for a couple of years I have had erectile problems, I have given her permission to f*** someone else but she has refused. I do pleasure her with my tongue and she o******.
    A couple of weeks ago she went to Spain for a hen do. I put a pack of 12 condoms in her case, with a note "enjoy yourself"
    On her return I checked her case, they were not there, I asked her and she said she ran out. I asked if she got replacements? She said no just went bare back. I kissed her and she said thank you, I got a h****** for the first time in two years and we f*****

  • Have been with my girlfriend for three years :) she has had a lot less experienced than myself :) so have let her get with a fair few guys! Including a semi famous musician!!

  • You should tell him . You may be surprised. But if he says no don't do it. Either way you are opening Pandora's box. Once you taste another man you will not stop

  • I got mine to express herself in her late 30s as she had had very little sexual experiences and her first husband was a once a month three pumps and roll off guy,she had never experienced o***** at all,I met her at 36 I was 45 and first time we went to bed she had three huge shuddering o****** before taking my c***,she even to this day admits she was terrified especially when I started eating and sucking her p**** and clitty,and that when I stripped off my underwear she was inwardly shocked at the size of my cut and shaved c***,I'm just over 7" which to me isn't that big really,since then I have watched as she's taken a good few 8"+ and once a massive 10" very very thick c***

  • I had offered this to my wife since I always felt she wanted to try it. At first she said no but the seed was planted.
    She eventually told me she wanted to try and then went ahead and did it. Now she has a regular that she loves to have s** with. She tells me how good he is. I love my wife and enjoy her being satisfied.

  • You're a great hubby .. let her f*** as guys she wants .. I would insist that she go black too or at least try it for a month or so every day

  • long has it brrn going on?

  • This is why people end up f****** around. They can't communicate with their partner and in the end they think it's easier just to have an affair. Seriously, do you even know what your husbands fantasies are? Maybe you should start by talking to him and finding out what he likes. Then go from there.

  • I want my wife to do that so bad

  • I would start by completing the fantasy questions on mojoupgrade dot com, and just see if maybe he's into watching you get f*****. If that doesn't work, then bring up the idea of swing. Sometimes you have to give a little to get what you want. Let him f*** another woman first and then you and can f*** this other guy.

  • Tell him that this is ur fantasy

  • It doesn't really have to be a confession. It doesn't even have to be about this other person. Make it about your sexual desires and how they apply to your husband. You're so insanely turned on by him that you want more. Just start with dropping hints. Suck his d*** and say "Sucking your d*** gets me so hot. I just wish you could f*** me from behind while I do it." Or the opposite. While he's f****** you say "Your d*** feels so good in me. I just wish I could suck it at the same time." Maybe it will get a conversation going, maybe it won't. But he'll know it's something you're into, and you haven't really confessed anything. Gauge his reaction. If he's weird about it or uncomfortable, then maybe it's not meant to be. Or maybe you'll see he's open to the idea, or MAYBE he's been waiting a long time for you to suggest it. But most importantly make him feel like his d*** is #1 no matter what, and the other man in the equation is incidental. The only catch is you have to mean it, or else there might be bigger issues.

  • If your husband is the jealous type I would just keep it your fantasy. If you tell him and plant that seed he may start thinking you are cheating on him and his being suspicious all the time could ruin your marriage.

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