Given the chance to see my best friend's wife naked

I can't believe what just happened to me and not really sure how to interpret things. I have been best friends with a guy for over 30 years. We grew up together, we went on first dates together. I even stood up as his best man at his wedding. He is married to a smoking hot woman who is just an amazing person all around. As his best friend, I never once ever thought about crossing the line with her. But over the years, I have made innocent comments to him about how lucky he was to have a wife like her and that I thought she was beautiful. That's where I drew the line.

A few weeks ago I was visiting him at his house while his wife was away. We were just sitting around having a few beers and chatting. He casually mentioned to me that he had some videos that he and his wife made years ago at around the time they first got married. He said he recently got them out of the crawl space (they were originally put on VHS) and transferred them over to digital files and made a really nice production. I asked him what was on the videos. He said all types of things. Some were of them sightseeing on their honeymoon, others were just of her frolicking around in various lingerie. He asked me if I was interested in seeing them. At this point in the night after I had had a few drinks, I said sure!

He fired up is laptop and through his AppleTV it was clear that he had more than just a few videos. He must have had 30+ different video sessions with very seductive titles (Tasteful Tease, Racy Lingerie, One Night Alone, etc.). He asked me if any of them seemed interesting. I asked him if his wife knew about these. He said he obviously knew about the original recordings, but did not know that he made so many elaborate mini-productions. I said I was sure she did not intend for anyone to see them. He said that was probably correct but that he was still offering to show them.

At this point, I had a choice to make. I could have either said, no that's okay and left - or agreeing to letting him show me. Maybe it was the beers influencing me - maybe it was the fact that I have known this girl for over 15 years and that I have always found her attractive and like most guys wonder what a girl looks like underneath her clothes - I went with the latter. I told him that whatever he was comfortable showing me was fine.

He said he would only show me the "clean" stuff. That is, sexy, but not too revealing. The next 20 minutes or so were amazing. He had a really great quality production considering these recordings were from 15 years ago. Amazing camera angles and great music complemented various shots and poses of his beautiful wife. Most of it was her laying around in her underwear or performing stripteases, but as soon as she got down to taking something off that would have been too revealing, the video cut to something else. So it was basically a 20-minute tease. After it was over, he asked me what I thought and I said he was very lucky and that she was hotter than I originally thought. He asked me if I wanted to see any others. This is where my judgment totally collapsed. I said sure. The next several videos were slightly more racy - including some of her nude backside (dancing nude but not facing the camera). She definitely has a great ass and I told my friend so (as if he didn't already know).

He then put on the most revealing videos. This is where I saw everything. I could not believe I was seeing this girl in this light. Every inch of her body fully exposed on video. These were not sleazy videos - they were very tastefully done but still I was seeing something I should not have.

I thought I would share this story as a confession because I am not sure how I feel about this. I now get together with my friend and his wife and it is a bit awkward for me to sit there and know what she looks like nude.


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  • Stop being pathetic, drooling over your best friend's Mrs! Sort yourself out man!

  • Stop being pathetic? Enjoy your good fortune. Some people enjoy their bodies and sexuality.

  • Nice. Most likely feeling you out to see if he can watch you give it to his wife.

  • Exactly. It can be quite fun to share your wife.

  • You mean, "visualise his friend, f****** his wife"

  • You two are dumb and your friend is dumber.

  • I agree

  • Man, he wants you to f*** her. Get in that p**** before it's gone

  • If that's the case, how do you know his wife is game for that?! She has a say too. Just because a guy has a wife, doesn't mean that guy can pass his wife about freely, like she's an unconscious being with no feelings! She's not a piece of meat, fool!

  • If she posed then she's very likely in on the whole thing. But there's only one way to find out.

  • That's pretty cool. I wish my buddy would share pics/vids of his wife. She is beautiful.

  • Same thing happened to me. My friend and I grew up together, and he always, for whatever reason, valued my opinion highly. My theory is he was just wanting to show off his wife to me. He would have been indignant if I'd have made a move on her later, which I wouldn't, and he knew it.

  • My angel is a centre fold

  • My brother-in-law and his wife came to stay with us. My wife told her sister that I loved making nude pictures of her and that they were very good. The next day my wife told me that her sister had talked to her husband and one of his greates fantasies was that another man a photographer should take a full series and collection of nude and glamour photos of her. They were asking if I could be that photographer.

    A couple of days later after I had prepared everything my wife and her brother-in-law went on a day excursion to another city and I and my sister-in-law went to a studio I had rented. Together with a make up artist and a lighting man we had her all day long in all sorts of dresses and made very tasty glamour shots and then moved on to nude shots and to pornographic open legs and s** play with d**** etc.

    At the end my sister in law was totally aroused and said that she needed urgent relieve. The lighting guy was a young good looking guy and I knew he had big c***. He grasped the situation, was naked within seconds and started to massage, kiss and pleasure my sister in law with his hand and mouth and then he carried her to a little sofa and for the next hours he gave her a royal f****** which a I videos and took pics of. I also gave the make up artist a camera and she also took pics.

    My brother in law only got the glamour pics and was extremely pleased. I also have the collection that shows that my sister in law is a s***. I was not sure but after a while I told my wife that I had a secret that she should know about and I shared what had happened and she looked at the photos and watched the videos. She found them hot and said that she congratulated her sister. My wife that she would have had the lighting man, me and the makeup girl.

    Soon afterwards I arranged what has now become the first of many glamour shots for my wife.

    I have given my brother in law copie of the glamour photography.

    My wife showed the other "slutty" set to her sister.

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