Women, I don't get them

I am a male 34 years old and I have a friend who is female, also 34 years old. We have been friends since college. We graduated together and ended up in the same city working for the same company. I think I actually love her, and I have even asked her out on dates a few times. Whenever I ask for more in our relationship, she always tells me we are just really good friends. I have never seen her naked and never had s** with her.
She is very smart, but when it come to technology, she is lacking. So a few weeks ago she asked me if I would backup the pictures on her phone and burn them to a DVD. I told her she could easily back them up to the cloud herself, but she insisted that I back them up to a dvd. I told her no problem and joked that I would look at her photos as payment. She laughed and said I don't care, you can look at them.
Later that afternoon she stopped by to have me back up her photos. She stepped in and handed me her phone saying she would be back. I told her it wouldn't take long and just hold on a minute, but she said she was late meeting her mom who was coming to visit. I plugged the phone into my computer and started the burn. Remebering that i would take payment by looking at her photos, I started looking at what she had. Lots a pics of friend and family, me included. Then I got the shock I didn't expect. Nude photos and video of her came up. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Nude pics of her t***, her p****, and her ass. She had closeups and long shots. Videos of her masturbating, and even one of her sucking some guys c***. There were no s** videos, but there were enough that I now know her very well. I couldn't help myself and I immediately copied all of them to my own computer. I know it was wrong, but she is so hot and I never plan on showing anyone.
About an hour later she came back. She said she would stay, but her mom was at her house. I handed her the phone and the dvd. For the life of me I have no idea why I told her about the pics and videos. I told her I had seen the dirty pics and figures she didn't want them backed up so I left them off the dvd. She just laughed and said oh yeah, thanks for not backing them up. I then joked and said if she ever lost them that I had backed them up to my computer. Again she laughed and said that's fine. At least I know they are safe with you.
It has been a few weeks now and she has not said a word about those pics. I tried to bring it up again by telling her I had masturbated to the video of her masturbating, but again she just laughed it off and said she was glad her pics and videos helped me out. She doesn't look to be mad at me for taking the pics or masturbating to her videos, and I'm just not sure how to take this. I would have thought she would have been mad and demanded that I delete them. I keep asking myself if I'm missing something, but we are still friends and she asked me to go out for dinner this Friday like normal. Why won't she just be my girlfriend if she's fine with all that I have done and seen. I dont get women!

Jul 30, 2017

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  • I don't think he's in the friend zone. Take it from a woman here. If I thought any one of my male friends had nude photos of me, I would f****** flip. She's not p***** because she wants him to see her nude. She probably wants to f*** him, but doesn't want to have it go wrong or the s** be bad, and then she has lost her friend.

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